[ China Instrument Network Instrument R&D ] On December 26, 2018, the former AQSIQ scientific research project “Development of Sinusoidal Pressure Standard Device” (project number: 2016QK113), which was undertaken by Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology, passed the expert acceptance. .

Dynamic pressure testing has always been a frontier and difficult issue in the field of pressure measurement, and sinusoidal pressure devices are important devices for testing the frequency response of pressure sensing components in dynamic testing.
The project team of Shanghai Metrology and Testing Technology Research Institute uses the micro-level gap matching process between the piston rod and the piston cylinder to improve the stability of the rotary piston rotation. The structure of the new sinusoidal pressure generator is designed independently. The numerical simulation technology of Grande Euler method further optimizes the internal structure; the steady current filter is used to reduce the higher harmonics, and the new exhaust interface structure is designed to reduce the waveform caused by the piston floating up and down. Distortion, finally successfully developed a set of technical indicators superior to the first-class sinusoidal pressure standard device, filling the gap in the dynamic stress test of Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology.
According to the results of the investigation of the Shanghai Science and Technology New Consulting Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the comprehensive technology of the project has reached the domestic leading level, and the frequency index of 10000 Hz has reached the international advanced level.
In two and a half years, the project team completed the development of a set of sinusoidal pressure standard devices, published two core journal articles (recruitment), declared one invention patent, authorized one utility model patent, and completed one research report (including Work report and technical summary report). The project results are scientific and practical, and have been unanimously recognized by the acceptance experts.
(Original title: "Development of sinusoidal pressure standard device" project passed the acceptance)

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