November 18, 2011, Shiyan Yade Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. production ceremony was held in Fang County. At 11:18 in the morning, the first batch of 10 Yade agricultural vehicles off the assembly line slowly exited the production workshop.

The Shiyan Yade agricultural vehicle production project is the first series of agricultural vehicle production projects introduced by Fangxian to invest in development. Yade people dare to catch up with time, dare to strive for excellence, dare to survive, and dare to start an entrepreneurial enterprise. The rapidity, high quality standards, the beauty of the factory environment, and the speed at which production was put into production have created a precedent for the construction of Fangxian industrial enterprises.

It is understood that Shiyan Yade agricultural vehicle production project has landed in Taishanmiao Industrial Park in Fangxian County, and Shiyan Yade Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has invested 100 million yuan to build it. It is a company that owns independent agricultural vehicle production patents and specializes in production for rural areas. Biogas digester trucks, sprinklers, small trucks, and agricultural machinery companies that spray irrigation trucks.

The company started construction in February 2011. By the end of October, the main plant will be completed. It is expected that 1,000 full-scale agricultural vehicles will be produced in 2011 and will strive to break through 1500 vehicles and ensure that the output value exceeds 45 million yuan. Within three years, it will develop to 15,000 units and the output value will reach 400 million yuan.

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