Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry in China has world-class standards in molds, electronic production equipment, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, cutting machine tools, and molding machine tools. According to statistics from Taiwan, Taiwan's machinery manufacturing exports are mainly machine tools. In 2010, the machine tool output accounted for 13.2% of the machinery and equipment industry. It is the sixth largest production base in the world.

However, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute pointed out that although Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry has a world-class level, the Taiwan market is narrow and the development space is limited. Taiwan's machinery industry is facing adjustments in its industrial structure and it needs to further expand and shift outward.

The relevant analysts believe that at present, China's manufacturing and China's market have become an important force to promote the steady progress of the world economy. Continuous industrial upgrading and transformation and development will bring China's machinery and equipment industry into a golden period of development. On the one hand, the mainland is in the middle period of industrialization and it is a good time for the development of the machinery and equipment industry. On the other hand, the process of new rural construction and urbanization has brought a huge market space for the machinery and equipment industry.

At the same time, global manufacturing is accelerating the transfer to the mainland, and the independence of major technology and equipment has become China's important industrial policy. All of these will provide important support for the development of China's machinery and equipment industry.

According to Yang Liuchang, secretary of the Bureau of Taiwan Affairs of the State Council’s Office, the machinery industries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have their own characteristics and complementary advantages. With the machinery manufacturing industry being included in the ECFA early-income list project, the tariffs have been greatly reduced, and the Taiwanese machinery manufacturing industry has achieved even more success in the mainland market. Advantages of favorable competition.

According to statistics from Taiwan's economic affairs department, in the first quarter of this year, the growth rate of the Chinese mainland's imports of machinery for early harvest projects was as high as 71.3%, an increase of 23.6 percentage points higher than the non-early-income list item, in which machine tools became the main force for exports, and machinery manufacturing became Taiwan benefits from the largest industry in ECFA. At present, the mainland has become Taiwan's largest export market for mechanical products.

Longitudinal Submerged Arc welding Pipeline of outside diameter from 406.4mm to 1422.4mm ,wall thickness from 6m to 50m,unit length from 3m to 12.5m,steel grade could be simple carbon steel,special type steel and low alloy steel ,the steel grade could be up to max X80 .

The product line adopts PID automatic controlling continuous J-C-O forming technology, and the advantages of the product line are as below: high speed, high quality, low stress distribution, and low tolerance of size.

Advanced testing equipment and production equipment:

Online UT testing, drop test machine, X-RAY detection, straightening machine, shaping machine, cold expanded equipment.

standard packing suitable shipping by sea. oiled/ Varnish painting/FBE/2PP/2PE/3PE, bevelled ends with caps, marking as required. Plastic wrapped.
shipped by air,train or sea
pipes shipped by full containers, LCL or bulk cargo according to the contracts and customer requirements.
1M-5.85M shipped by 20' container,5.85m-12m shipped by 40' container. pipes with FBE/2PP/2PE/3PE coating will be shipped by bulk cargo, or open top containers.

LSAW Steel Pipe

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