First, the characteristics of SN three screw pump 1. The rotor hydraulic balance, vibration, low noise.

2. The output is stable and there is no pulse.

3. High efficiency.

4. Has a strong self-priming ability.

5. The components adopt a series design with strong versatility and a variety of installation methods.

6. Compact structure, small size, light weight, can work at higher speeds.

Second, the transmission medium type a. Lubricity liquid: such as mechanical oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil, residual oil b. Low lubricity liquid: such as light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, wax containing thin oil c. viscous liquid: such as various synthetic rubber The application of liquid and artificial glue liquids, emulsion three and SN triple screw pumps are used as fuel, fuel supply and transfer pumps in heating equipment.

Used in the mechanical industry as a hydraulic, lubricated and remotely controlled motor pump.

Used in the chemical petrochemical and food industry as loading, conveying, and liquid pumps.

It is used as a pump for conveying, boosting, fuel injection and lube oil pumps as well as marine hydraulic equipment on ships.

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