Car functional safety standard ISO 26262 promulgated
List of ISO 26262 Standards on ISO, TC22, SC3 Websites

The safety standard "ISO 26262" related to automotive electronic control systems has finally become the official ISO standard after six years of development. On the afternoon of November 15, 2011 (Japan time), the stage codes of the first to ninth parts of ISO 26262 together form the "60.60" of the issued "IS (International Standard Published)".

ISO 26262 is a car safety standard jointly developed by about 30 major car manufacturers worldwide. In 2005, the TC22 (Road Vehicle Technical Committee), SC3 (Electronic and Electrical Sub-technical Committee) and WG16 (Functional Safety Working Group) of ISO were established. It was originally expected to be officially promulgated around 2008. However, due to the difficulty of setting safety standards for automobiles and the cautious attitudes of participating countries such as Japan and the United States, the formulation work was substantially postponed and it was only then promulgated after six years.

Now, all parts of ISO 26262 can be purchased on the ISO website. The price is between 74 and 180 Swiss francs for each part. In addition, as the tenth part of the ISO 26262 guidelines, it is currently in the state of finalizing the final draft of the International Standard (FDIS) and is scheduled to be officially issued around the spring of 2012 (IS).

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