The rapid development of the food machinery industry is mainly influenced by two factors. On the one hand, new restaurants and restaurants emerge one after another. This has led to the rapid development of the food machinery industry. On the other hand, people have accelerated their pace of life and eat out. The coming and coming of a consumption habit has indirectly led to the development of the food machinery industry. The person in charge also introduced that in the economic crisis of previous years, compared to hot industries such as electric tools and recreational vehicles, the impact on food machinery was small. This is mainly because food machinery belongs to the people's livelihood products and occupies a decisive position in the lives of ordinary people, and the sales scope is mostly based on domestic sales. At present, the food machinery marketed by Hardware City includes refiners, sealers, meat grinders, and noodle makers. A food machinery seller told reporters that in addition to the stable demand for restaurants and restaurants in the city, the demand for food machinery in the countryside should not be underestimated. With the improvement of living standards, many people in rural areas have also become more and more concerned about the quality of life. Food machinery has made life easier for them and has been welcomed by many rural people. In particular, pasta machines and refiners are very popular in rural areas.

It is understood that in order to meet the market demand, hardware city food machinery vendors are actively getting rid of the image of a large number of products, low technology content, and to the direction of multi-functional, intelligent and other development. Many homeowners stated that modern consumers are pursuing the richness of food tastes, and food production tends to be multi-category and small-batch. Corresponding to this, diversified, with a variety of switching functions, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement of food machinery can adapt to the development needs of the market. Gaoxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Jincheng Market is a professional manufacturer of food machinery and agricultural and sideline products processing machinery integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's main products are dozens of major categories such as dough mixers, refining (powder) machines, pressing machines, ice crushers, rice milling machines, meat grinders, ploughing machines, and popcorn machines. With the continuous expansion of business scale and continuous innovation of new products, the company has also drawn on the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The products are more perfect in terms of functional structure and shape. Relying on the reputation of Hardware City and its strong radiation power, Gaoxiang Food Machinery is not only spread all over the country, but also exported to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia with excellent products and perfect after-sales service.

Looking at the hardware city food machinery industry, not only has a good sales market in this city, but also opened the market in neighboring counties (cities). In addition to Yongkang’s local needs, merchants in Jinhua, Dongyang, Jinyun, Wuyi and other places are also attracted. Come buy. Moreover, with the establishment of Yongkang's “Business Travel Market”, the government has promulgated policies to actively promote the development of the tertiary industry, and the market outlook for the food machinery industry is improving.

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