According to the latest edition of the "China's Auto Industry Production and Sales News," statistics from January to August 2010, 56 domestic automobile engine companies included in the statistical scope, accumulatively producing 10.49 million units of engines, and accumulatively selling 109.928 million engines, in the same period as in 2009. Compared with the growth of 33.85% and 36.28% respectively, the year-on-year growth in cumulative production and sales fell by 9.71 and 9.53 percentage points respectively from August. From September production and sales data, in August, the production and sales volume of 1,074,900 units and 1,185,700 units were respectively increased, which was 7.20% and 10.35% higher than the same period of 2009, and the year-on-year increase further decreased, dropping 6.48 and 6.33 percentage points respectively; The month-on-month ratio fell by 2.91% and 3.47%, respectively, and the monthly production and sales volume has been decreasing for five consecutive months from April.

According to production statistics, as of the end of August 2010, among a total of 56 engine companies, Chongqing Changan, SAIC-GM-Wuling, FAW-Volkswagen, Guangxi Yuchai, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle, Shanghai General Motors Powertrain, Liuzhou Wuling Liuji, Chery, Beijing Hyundai, FAW Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Anhui Quanchai, Weichai Holdings, Harbin Dongan Automobile Engine and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Engine ranked among the top 15 in terms of cumulative production volume. Compared with August, the top 15 companies have slightly changed their ranks, but the main changes are in Liuzhou Wuling Liuji and Harbin Dongan Automobile Engines, which mainly produce small-displacement engines. Weichai Holdings advanced one month earlier than last month. From this we can see that since 2010, due to the successive weakening of incentive policies for cars to the countryside and small-displacement cars, the sales of this type of vehicle in the market have been worse than before.

In terms of market size, in spite of the consecutive year-on-year decline in monthly production and sales, and the sequential decline in the monthly growth rate, the average monthly production of more than 50,000 units increased from the previous month to eight, with an average monthly output of 20,000 units. The number of companies was unchanged from last month to 25. The number of companies with an average monthly output of more than 10,000 units was 40, down from the previous month. In other words, in the absence of major changes in the overall market structure, market resources are balanced back and forth among large and medium-sized enterprises. This can be regarded as a signal that the market will continue to stabilize.

In terms of production concentration, the cumulative production of the top five companies was 24.29%, which was a decrease of 0.18 percentage points from August; the production concentration of the top 12 companies was 48.40%, which was 0.06 percentage points lower than that of August. . In August, these two indicators of production concentration all increased slightly, and began to decline again in September, further illustrating the market's competitive pattern of declining growth as the overall growth slows down. Some enterprises that may have outstanding performance in the current month, In October, there may be a case of lack of growth. The number of sales channels for each other should be between the two.

In terms of vehicle diesel engines, the 25 diesel engine companies included in the statistics for the first eight months of 2010 completed 2,563,900 units and 2,675,500 units respectively, an increase of 28.14% and 34.59%, respectively, over the same period of 2009. The monthly rates slipped 3.94 and 2.92 percentage points respectively. Specifically, there are 10 diesel engine companies with monthly production of more than 10,000 units, which is the same as in August. The rankings of these 10 companies by production volume are: Guangxi Yuchai, FAW Group, Anhui Quanchai, Weichai Holdings, Dongfeng Chaochai, Dongfeng Motor, Kunming Yunnei, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Jiangxi Jiangling and Shandong Laiwu. . Kunming Yunnei’s ranking was ahead of August’s one due to the faster growth from the previous quarter.

In terms of the cumulative year-on-year increase in production volume, the company's performance in the first eight months is relatively outstanding (only a simple statistics of the above 10 diesel engine companies, and the cumulative year-on-year increase of more than 50%) has Dongfeng Motor's shares (115.79%). Chai Holding (80.30%), Jiangling (57.92%) and China National Heavy Duty Truck (55.82%). It is worth noting that among the above 10 companies, there are already positive values ​​for Dongfeng Motor Co., Dongfeng Chaochai, Jiangling, China National Heavy Duty Truck, and Anhui Quanchai in terms of single month, year-on-year and cumulative year-on-year ratios; The leading indicators of Guangxi Yuchai's three indicators - single month (-0.86%), single-monthly (-32.19%) two indicators are still negative, the cumulative year-on-year increase (1.47%) also significantly narrowed, growth is weak The state still exists; the month-on-month comparison data for Kunming Yunnei this month increased significantly (64.95%) this month after a positive value.

In terms of gasoline engines, in the first eight months of 2010, 41 gasoline engine makers that were included in the statistics completed 8.179 million units and 8.309 million units respectively, an increase of 35.75% and 36.84% respectively from the same period of 2009, compared with August. This indicator has slipped 11.84 and 11.86 percentage points respectively. The year-on-year increase is still narrowing and the speed of decline has accelerated. Specifically, there are still 20 companies that have an average monthly production of more than 20,000 units in gasoline engines. The market is still at a certain level.

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