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In the Tayt district of Xinjiang, the Maytas wind zone on the provincial highway No. 201 of Emin County was again hit by more than eight winds on the 21st, resulting in strong wind and snow, and the traffic was blocked. Vehicles and personnel were trapped. More than 12 hours of rescue personnel from Maytas’s emergency bases rescued them day and night, and 373 passengers were trapped by wind and snow in the famous wind district in the northwest of Xinjiang and the Maytas Wind District section of Provincial Highway No. 201. It was successfully withdrawn to safety zone around 6:10 in the morning.
Recently, the temperature in the north of Xinjiang has fallen to a low value since the beginning of winter, the temperature is about minus 30°C, and the Mayutas section of the Provincial Highway 201 line has also been blocked several times due to the severe nuisances during the severe nuisance. The provincial highway No.317 line K0-K23 from Laofengkou to Yumin Road, which was bred by the Tori Highway Branch, also implemented traffic control at 21:00 on the 21st and closed traffic in both directions.
According to Yu Huanwu, deputy director of the Minmin Sub-bureau of Tacheng Highway Management Bureau, on the afternoon of the 21st, the Mayitas Wind District scraped 9 levels of Dongfeng, and the wind at the mouth reached 10 levels. The wind blew up the area and the visibility was less than 2%. In meters, some lots are zero. Many vehicles passing through the road section slipped down the roadbed and anchored in the wind area. They were unable to move forward. The Mayitas rescue base and the Emin Sub-bureau sent snow-removal vehicles and wheel pushes to start the rescue. Due to the low visibility, the section closed traffic at 17:50 on the 21st.
In the section where windswept snow are particularly bad sightings, rescuers Liu Jie and Alimujiang found a vehicle trapped and immediately decided to rescue the people on the vehicle. They faced the harsh environment of the 80-class gale and the cold temperature of -30°C, knocking on a window of a car and causing trapped persons to pull one person's hand and get off to the rescue vehicle.
Four of the rescue workers were crying and crying: "We don't get out of the car if we have such a big wind. If we get off, we will be blown away by the wind." Liu Jie and Ali Mujiang patiently explained to them that everyone would not be blown away by hand and they would only get off the train again and again. After getting off the Alimujiang River, Liu Jie used the four little girls in the middle to bring them safely to the rescue vehicle. After getting on the bus, a little girl cried and said: "Thank you for the two big brothers. If you didn't come to save me, I thought that today is really the end of the world."
The rescuer Baitaran Pelba, the snow-removing driver of the Maytas rescue base in the rescue, told reporters that after the occurrence of danger, the Mayitas rescue base immediately informed the relevant authorities of the establishment of windbreak and snow spots in Kurumusu and Tiechanggou. The road closures on Kafeng Road publish road closure information on the electronic screens at both ends of the wind area. Because the wind is too heavy and the vehicle congestion is serious, the road cannot be cleared overnight and all the vehicles cannot be rescued. This time, the trapped vehicles mainly concentrate on K34 kilometers. At the mouth of the building, there was a large truck across the ramp causing front and rear vehicle congestion.
In addition, two vehicles collided with a traffic accident at an interchange, and after the occurrence of dangerous conditions, the Emin- ity Branch timely transferred excavators, forklifts, snow ploughs, etc. to co-operate in the rescue. The Agricultural Bureau 9th Bureau of Transportation and Emin Transportation and Transport Bureau and other units also transferred rescue vehicles to rescue some of the trapped people and transferred them to Emin County for safe transportation. The other part transferred to and evacuated from Tiechanggou Town and Mayetas Community for more than 12 hours for emergency rescue. At 6:10 in the morning on the 22nd, 373 people were safely evacuated and no one was injured.
Around the same time as Ling Tien, the rescue base squad leader Li Jiancheng saw the rescued personnel cold, hungry and afraid, and quickly rushed to the kitchen master of the emergency rescue base to make hot soup. One of the rescued personnel's Liu drivers excitedly said: "Thank you, you not only saved us so late that we could cook for you. Thank you so much."
There are also two coal transport drivers who said: "I'm all hungry. I haven't eaten since morning. To save time, I'll be able to get back from the tune as soon as possible. I didn't expect it to be blocked. Thank you so much." The staff was too hungry and the kitchen chef had enough to cook two pots of rice. After dinner, many people said that although they only had soup noodles, they felt that they had never eaten such delicious soup. As too many rescued personnel can only arrange the elderly and frail persons to stay in the dorms, the rest of them rest in the reception room.
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