In December 2012, at the 8th Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, Continental Group's ContiTech Subsidiary and Body Electronic Systems Division exhibited a variety of ways to improve vehicle efficiency, comfort, and safety in response to China’s automotive independent aftermarket. Environmentally friendly products and services include drive belt solutions, commercial vehicle air suspension systems, and more. According to reports, these products are in line with the host supporting quality standards.

ContiTech's versatile V-belts, V-ribbed belts, timing belts, and tool kits developed for the Chinese automotive aftermarket are reliable and can be easily and safely used by garage builders. As the product is upgraded, the range of timing belt kits will also expand, including all components required by the garage to replace the belt drive system to help improve engine reliability. At present, the expanded ContiTech Ninghai plant has been able to provide higher levels of localized power transmission products.

The ContiTech Air Suspension System developed for the replacement market has excellent performance and durability. The air spring system costs less than the cost of life cycle per kilometer. ContiTech said it will continue to expand its product range and provide first-class solutions for markets such as passenger cars, trucks and trailers.

Continental has more than 100 years of experience in the field of brake systems and is one of the leading brake system developers and suppliers in the European automotive OEM market. Among them, the ATE brand offers a wide range of spare parts for brakes and related services and is a benchmark in terms of quality, expertise, delivery range and stable profitability; the VDO brand offers original replacement parts for engine actuators for central locking systems Actuators, oil supply systems, sensors, HVAC blowers and fan systems are sustainable partners in the independent aftermarket of automotive electronics and electromechanical components. In China, both brands are committed to providing a variety of products and solutions that are economical, high-quality and technologically advanced to the local market.

The Continental Group believes that as one of the most dynamic and promising markets in the world, China's auto parts aftermarket will rapidly develop in the coming years due to the increase in automobile inventory and aging. Among them, mechanical products account for a large proportion in China's auto aftermarket, and electronic products will usher in strong growth, such as electrical, exterior and structural parts. In order to respond to this trend as quickly as possible and maximize profits from the growth of China's automotive aftermarket, the ATE and VDO brands will continue to expand the product range to meet the ever-increasing demands and individual needs of this fast-growing market.

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