Chongqing police car opened to send critically ill baby without car to avoid the baby died diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-22

On the highway, in order to rescue a seriously illed 3-month-old baby boy, a patrolling law enforcement vehicle flashed a warning light and quickly headed for Xinqiao Hospital.
But on the way, other vehicles also occupy the emergency lane!
Children's critically ill couple seeking help on the highway
Wang Xiang was the law enforcement officer of the Eighth Battalion of the first detachment of the expressway. At noon on the 18th of this month, he was on duty near the entrance of the Banan District toll gate as usual. It wasn’t long before a young couple took a baby to find them for help. The child's mother looked at her child in her arms and kept sobbing.
After learning that Wang Xiang was aware that the baby was seriously ill, the couple were prepared to send the child to the city's Children's Hospital. However, on the bus, the child's condition was further aggravated. In order to gain time, he found them. After understanding the situation, Wang Xiang and another colleague hurriedly let the couple go on a patrol car.
Police cars on the road open without a shy
Considering that the noontime period is the peak period of traffic flow, there are many vehicles on the road. If you come to the City Children's Hospital, you need to take Nanping - Caiyuanba Bridge - Guanyin Bridge, and then turn from Guanyin Bridge to Children's Hospital, and this section may be In the case of traffic jams, due to the urgency of the situation, Wang Xiang decided to take the Inner Ring Expressway, and then passed the Fengzhong and sent the baby to Xinqiao Hospital. This section of the road had fewer blocking points and the time spent was short.
After one of the pedestrians got on the train, Wang Xiang flashed a warning light and went to the Xinqiao Hospital. It was not long before he could drive it out. Wang Xiang had trouble. Although there was no traffic jam on the road, other vehicles listened. When the alarm sounds, it does not give way, and the emergency lane is also occupied by social vehicles.
“The speed cannot be raised at all. We can only overtake each other one by one.” Wang Xiang said that if there are more than one other road, vehicles in front of them will block the car, and they will only be able to overtake and drive in the emergency lane. The vehicle did not give way at all. The speed of the patrol car could not be accelerated and it was only about 70 yards.
The emergency admission child still died in the evening
It took about 40 minutes and the police car arrived at Shimbashi Hospital. In accordance with the usual smooth conditions, this trip is only 30 minutes.
However, unfortunately, the baby had no vital signs when he was sent to the hospital. Although he was rescued, the baby was still seriously ill because he died the same night. After initial diagnosis, the baby is suffering from purulent meningitis.
Yesterday, the reporter contacted the infant's father Yi Xin. Yi Xin said that their hometown was in the town of Lishui, Wuchuan, Zunyi. Late on the 16th, the child had symptoms of a cold and fever. After eating some anti-fever medicine, the situation improved. However, on the second day, the condition appeared again and again because of the proximity to Pengshui. On the evening of the 17th, the family rushed to Pengshui by car and after checking the local hospital, they were advised to go to the main hospital for treatment. Therefore, only the beginning of the article appeared.
For the good-hearted people who help their family, Yi Xin said that he will always keep his mind in mind.
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