The Japanese clinic provides parents with the opportunity to keep their baby a few months old before leaving the womb. Using the "bio-texture" process and MRI scanners, FASOTEC and Tokyo Azalea Clinic, Japan, provide technology that creates a three-dimensional model of the mother's fetus and uterus.
The "Angel's Shape" service costs $1276, not including the cost.
In fact, we got three expectant mothers to try this. They said that they feel good and seeing their babies look before they are born to be able to really maintain their own internal bodies, "said the FASOTEC representative. "They also like the model after giving birth to children, thinking, "This is My baby looked at me and recalled how I felt pregnant.”
3D printing is an exciting emerging technology that uses digital models to create real-life objects. Last week, an engineer at the University of Southern California, he said, it would be theoretically possible. We told you to build a home and use 3D printing technology in 20 hours. There are a lot of new technologies and criticisms. After all, the American workshop in June showed the use of 3D printing to help establish a job.

High Strength Steel Bolts

Ultra high strength heat treated anchor steel bar is a high performance steel that is inductively heat treated from hot rolled steel bars. It is widely used in anchoring, supporting, reinforcement and other projects in coal mine roadways, highway slopes, tunnels, dams, urban foundation pits etc. Pre-stressed concrete works, especially in coal mines.

This product not only has higher strength grade than ordinary hot rolled products, but also effectively reduces rock mass deformation, controls the surrounding rock damage range and has excellent impact resistance, which can resist sudden impact pressure and beneficial to ensure the safety of mining production.

This product has been approved by the Anbiao National Mine Product Safety Mark Center.

Product implementation standards: MT 146.2-2011, Q/AYLTG 003-2011 GB/T 20065-2006.

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