It is reported that the research of green machine tool processing system has become a new hot spot in the field of green manufacturing. The gear processing machine tool is a kind of equipment with high technical content and complicated structure. Especially with the rapid development of the automobile industry and wind power generation industry, the demand for gears is increasing day by day. The requirements for the efficiency, quality and processing cost of gear processing are increasing. The higher the speed, the more important the position of gear processing machine tools in the automotive, wind power and other industries.

In recent years, internationally renowned gear processing machine tool manufacturers have made green gear machining tools an important direction for product R&D. Their product features include full CNC, high-speed, high-efficiency, and green purification and protection, especially at high speeds. The design of green machine tools based on gear processing machines will gradually become mainstream.

Compared with traditional gear processing machines, the high-speed dry-cutting machine tool with the green design concept eliminates the need for cutting oils and the need for additional cold air cooling devices, which not only greatly improves the productivity of the machine tool, but also reduces the machining costs of the workpiece. It is conducive to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. High-speed dry cutting can not only reduce the consumption of cutting fluid and cooling treatment equipment, but also avoid environmental pollution, but also increase production efficiency and reduce the manufacturing cost of single-piece gears.

Silicone Watch Strap

About silicone watch bands:
In our life,we may have many watch bands, they are made of metal,golden silver,stainless steel etc.But these materials can cause discomfort for people with sensitive skin.Is there any material for watch band that is suitable for everyone to wear? Of course! That is silicone watch bands! Silicone watch bands is made of Food-Grade silicone,it not only suitable for adult,but also suitable children,even infant! As you can imagine it is so safaty and friendly! Its texture is soft and durable, it can adjust according to your wrist. Don't worry if you dirt it accidentally , it can be clean easily and its dirty resistance is very good!

Silicone Watch Band introduction:
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2.Place of origin:Guangdong China
3.Color:any pantone color
6.Package:1 pcs/opp,customized design is available.
9.Usage:Use for watch

10.Silicone watch bands for reference.

silicone watch bands

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