Removable garbage truck working principle

I. Overview

     Removable garbage truck compartment, also known as hook arm garbage truck, pull arm garbage truck. The car is widely used for garbage treatment in urban streets. It can be equipped with multiple buckets in one vehicle, multiple garbage buckets placed in various garbage points, with self-unloading function, and hydraulic operation to facilitate dumping. The box body of the car is completely controlled by the hydraulic system. The car trash can be placed on various garbage collection stations on weekdays. After the garbage is full, the car can be directly directed to the garbage station and can be controlled by the hydraulic system. Put down the hook arm installed on the rear seat of the garbage truck, hang the connection point at the front end of the garbage box inside the station, and pull the waste bin to the rear seat of the vehicle body. At this time, the vehicle can be started and the garbage can be transported to the garbage disposal station. Dump dump. The main advantage of this car is that it can be equipped with multiple buckets. One car can maintain the operation of several garbage collection stations with high efficiency, and the cabinet is of a sealed type design and will not cause secondary pollution.

Second, the structure
Special-purpose automobile body detachable garbage truck, also called pull arm garbage truck (hereinafter referred to as garbage truck), is a special vehicle used for collecting, transporting and unloading bagged and bulk garbage in cities and towns.
The vehicle is composed of a chassis, a main arm of a pull arm, an attached frame, a tilt frame, a support leg (optional), a locking frame, a locking cylinder, and a multi-way reversing valve. One end of the flip frame is connected to the attached frame, and the other end is provided with a movable pull arm, and a locking system is installed in the middle; one end of the movable arm cylinder is connected to the movable arm, and the other end is connected to the attached frame; the locking mechanism passes the lock The action of the tight cylinder can connect the box body on the accessory frame with the tilting frame and the pull arm when the box body is dumped, forming a self-extinguishing angle when the main oil cylinder is extended, and can also be flipped by retracting the locking cylinder. The frame is integrated with the locking of the attached frame and the retracting or extending of the main cylinder allows the movable pull arm to pull the underground bin to the attached frame or put it back to the ground from the attached frame.
The vehicle can pull the garbage and garbage bins in the underground garbage cans to the vehicle and can be dumped at the same time, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The collection and transportation mode of the garbage truck is a garbage collection and transportation mode widely used in the world at present, and it can realize a cart of multiple boxes, greatly reducing the cost of equipment and space, etc.; the functions of its special devices are powered by automobile engines and are hydraulically powered. The mechanism is implemented manually or electronically. The box body of the vehicle adopts the high-quality carbon steel plate sealing and welding structure, which has the advantages of high strength, light weight, and no secondary pollution.
Third, the structure diagram
Fourth, the working principle
Before loading the garbage, when the no-load operation reaches 6 standard air pressure, hang the power take-off device (bottom left of the steering wheel in the cab), check whether there is any leakage or abnormality in each component, and then operate according to the position indicated by the operation signboard; The steps are as follows:
Pull up the trash box
Step 1. Push the locking hook operating handle to the retracted position, the locking cylinder retracts, the locking bracket is retracted and the tilting frame and the attached frame are locked and fixed; as shown in the figure:
Step 2. Pull the operating handle of the pull arm to the extended position, the pull arm cylinder extends, the movable pull arm rotates around the front hinge shaft of the flip frame, the pull arm is in the hook box position, and the height of the pull arm hook is properly adjusted and the box body Hook alignment; as shown:
Step 3. When the hook is hooked to the box hook, continue to push the lower arm operation handle to the falling position, so that the garbage box continues to get on the car (Note: Ensure that the longitudinal beams of the garbage box are located at the rear part of the attached frame and the rear wheel Between); as shown:
Step 4. When the trash can is placed on the attached frame, release the handle of the pull arm to return it to the neutral position, then pull the handle of the locking hook up to the locked position and lock the cylinder to extend. The locking frame is turned upside down and the tilting frame is locked with the garbage box body, and the handle is released to return it to the neutral position; as shown in the figure:
Step 5. Before unloading the garbage, when the vehicle runs to 6 standard air pressure, hang the power take-off device and open the rear door locking device of the waste bin. At the front-stage multi-valve multi-valve, first determine the locking frame to lock the dust bin. Body (pull the locking hook operation handle to the locking position), then pull up the arm to operate the handle to the extended position, and the waste container body is tilted to lift the garbage to discharge;
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