The villagers dig out 57 rounds of bullets in their homes. Grandfather suspects that when he died in the anti-Japanese diesel generators, he left a Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-10-10

Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Tianchang City, Anhui Province received an alarm: A villager in the shipyard village of Zhengji Town, Tianchang City excavated a pile of bullets with shovels. After receiving the order, the policemen of the Zhengji police station rushed to the scene.
It turned out that a villager was digging a tree behind his house and when he digged two feet deep, the iron shovel dug into a hard object. When the villagers dug down again, they found that there was a small piece of earth-colored iron pipe in the soil. At first glance, it was found to be a bullet. The villagers continued to dig and actually dug a small pile of bullets of varying lengths and rust. Not long ago, the police station of the police station had come to the door and made propaganda of “splashing with guns.” The villagers dared not neglect and immediately called “110”.
The police checked the scene, a total of 40 rounds of rifle bullets, 17 rounds of pistol bullets. Subsequently, the Zhengji police station handed over the bullets to the Public Security Bureau of Tianchang City Public Security Bureau. According to the initial identification of gunnery experts and the investigation by civilian police, these rusted bullets were manufactured during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. The grandfathers of the villagers who discovered the bullets were local famous anti-war activists. They may have been hidden underground in the old days. It is reported that the police will choose to destroy these bullets on a daily basis.
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