On May 22nd, the 1,688 authorized retail stores of Continental Group's branded tires were opened in Fuzhou. The newly opened flagship store of Fuzhou Horse Brand Best is located on the car culture street of Xiangyuan Road in Jin’an District. It is a German horse brand tire. China's eighth and Fuzhou First Best Flagship Store provides one-stop automotive services for high-end markets, providing professional tire replacement and vehicle maintenance services for the majority of vehicle owners.

The concept of German horse brand Best German flagship originated in Europe, providing one-stop professional tire replacement and vehicle maintenance services. In the past few years, this service concept has been extended to Asia Pacific regions such as Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia, and has achieved rapid development. Now, the horse hopes that this model can drive the development of the Chinese market, not only to expand sales, but also to enhance the brand. After the opening ceremony, our reporter had an exclusive interview with Mr. Deng Jie, the current general manager of the Malaysian brand Tire China. Deng Jie told us that the Chinese market is the most important market for the company's brand tires. Although the brand's tires will enter China later, it will be a period of rapid development for the brand tires in the coming years.

Q: As one of the world's top ten famous tire manufacturers, German Horse Brand Tire is the last one to enter the Chinese market. What is your opinion on this?

A: We know that we came late. It was because our entire group had done a lot of mergers and integrations of automotive systems before 2005. The German brand Tire is not only the world's fourth largest tire supplier, but also the world's top three suppliers of automotive components.

Q: Chinese consumers are easily attracted by low-priced tires, and they have been stolen by Michelin and Goodyear in brand awareness. How does the world's fourth high-end tire German mainland horse change this situation?

A: The horse brand is a company with a history of more than 100 years. We have our own plans in this area. At this stage, our main task is to continue to open stores. At the same time as opening a store, a lot of customer activities will be held to bring together retail customers, including franchised retailers, to communicate and implement the latest products. In fact, the rapid expansion of our image store construction can also play a brand promotion role. We will use this image to increase the retailer's performance.

Q: What are the plans for the future of the Fujian market? A: We know that Fujian’s GDP ranks in the top 10 in the country. This market has great potential. Fujian’s flagship brand Best is our eighth in China. We must choose the right distributor and the right one. In the market, Fujian's dealers and markets are integrated and rank among the top eight in our hearts. We are very optimistic about this market, it will have a very good development, from the consumer's spending habits to our supporting facilities, we need to take precedence over consumer spending habits to lead the industry's change.

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