A sudden torrential rain caused Wu to collect water in the factories of the West Industrial Zone. In order to resume normal production as soon as possible, he lifted the pump drain from the warehouse. The pump stopped for a while because it was not used for a long time. Therefore, Wu immediately called Wang Mou, a pump salesman of China Science and Technology Hardware City, and sent him to repair.

It is understood that many people kept their pumps on one side during continuous high temperatures and no rain. Due to poor storage or idle time, the pump has been damaged due to corrosion and other reasons. Wang said that there were not a few customers who came to repair the pump after the heavy rain. Water pumps, like other electromechanical products, should be regularly maintained during periods of inactivity in order to maintain a good working condition for a long period of time. When used, it should be allowed to operate at low frequency first and then high frequency. If you start working at full capacity at the beginning, it is very likely that there will be downtime.

Senior pump salesman Pan introduced the user a few points about the daily maintenance of the pump. First, check the water supply lead of the water pump. Check whether there is aging, broken skin, or leakage of the copper core of the power cord. In this case, if the power cord is on the ground, it can be wrapped and wrapped. If it is in the water, be sure to replace the power cord. Second, check whether the pump impeller has mud, foreign matter, etc., blocking the outlet impeller or the outlet, check whether the sound of the pump is running well, if there is a crackle, indicating that the pump bearing is damaged, need to repair, refuel, replace. Third, check if the pump runs out of electricity. If the leakage should be promptly sent to the pump repair shop for repair.

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