Before the National Day, the news that the government is demonstrating vehicle sewage charges attracted media attention. According to the report, the four cities “Northern Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen” will be the first pilot cities. However, Li Zjunjun, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environment of the Development Research Center of the State Council, clarified yesterday that the parties to the news had misunderstood their original intentions. “The automobile sewage charges are made by two local governments in Beijing and Shenzhen, not the entire country. Sexual policy."

To this end, the reporter checked with the relevant responsible department of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The person in charge of the department said that the government is really demonstrating the feasibility of the vehicle's sewage charges, but it is still unclear when it will be issued.

It is understood that in 2009, Beijing reported or will consider the collection of vehicle sewage charges, but no further progress has been made. In June this year, the Beijing Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference held a standing committee and passed the "Proposal on Further Improving the Air Quality in the Capital City," a total of 19 items. The CPPCC proposes to control the intensity of the in-use vehicles through the implementation of vehicle tail number limit line, old high-emission vehicle area restrictions, and the collection of motor vehicle pollutant discharge fees.

However, based on what is collected, the above person in charge of the Beijing Development and Reform Commission said: “We will publish the draft for consultation or take the form of a hearing and then make decisions.”

However, there is news that the vehicle sewage charges will be levied in accordance with the amount of emissions, that is, the displacement is less than 1.0, 1.1-2.0, 2.1-3.0, 3.1-4.0, 4.1-5.0, respectively, according to different amounts of taxes and fees levied.

Xu Wei, deputy director of Shenzhen Traffic Police Bureau and spokesperson Xu Wei, also stated earlier that in order to control the excessive growth of car ownership, the promotion of new energy vehicles was decided in 2012 based on the “Shenzhen Environmental Quality Improvement Action Plan” announced by Shenzhen Municipal Government. Before the end of the year, study and formulate the sewage charges according to the conventional fuel vehicle exhaust volume.

However, Luo Lei, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, believes that automobile sewage charges cannot be rushed and that it is necessary to establish fair and reasonable standards for collection. "The vehicle sewage charge is levied according to the displacement. There is a great controversy. The time and distance of use for each person's vehicle are different. Therefore, the impact on city congestion and air pollution is also different. It is like a one-size-fits-all-distribution collection and everyone has to pay. At the same expense, it is unfair.” He suggested that the vehicle sewage charge should be included in the fuel charge, and fees should be charged according to the frequency and frequency of fueling.

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