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Pregnant girl late at night posting live swallowing sleeping pills
Fascinated by persuasion, "I hate men!"
Hundreds of netizens retained, the forum moderator turned to find the girl and succeeded in gastric lavage. At present, her and her fetus have escaped danger.
After 8 days of vacation, everyone chooses different ways to release stress and relax. Unexpectedly, in the past few days, there have been two online suicide incidents before and after - two young people all said, "Tired of life, never feel love ... ..." their actions caused a lot Netizens concerned and relayed rescue. One of them was out of danger and re-planned for life, while the other left with regret. Life is not constant, we have to do, only cherish.
Yesterday, the forum moderator "Sesame" continued to focus on the girl online suicide incident.
Yesterday at 1:33 a.m., a message titled "Life is no longer important to me, live my end of the road," appeared on the Tianya Chongqing Forum. "I was a person with a split personality. When I knew I was suffering from this disease, I was very calm. I had been betting myself and betting on how long I could sustain because I did not have any financial ability to come to see a doctor... I have a bottle nearby. Sleeping pills, now I have eaten 2. Thanks to this world once loved me, thanks to those who used to help me, like me, I am sorry you, but I really can not afford it. This is my testimony after my life Please do not delete."
From the moment the message was sent, hundreds of netizens took turns to persuade them to make every effort to find the address of the landlord. The female moderator “Sesame” immediately left for the landlord’s community to search for... “Sesame” can find this being suspicious. Girl? Does the girl receive help? Will Shenzhen's tragedy repeat itself?
Girl posting
Matching pictures on a lot of white pills
Girl makes a post with many white pills on the picture
1:33 Yesterday at 2 o'clock in the morning, the "seed" that had just returned from tourism had not yet had time to sleep. The phone suddenly rang and was called by the netizen "swordsman." "Sesame sister, Tianya Chongqing posted a suicide on the main page." "Sesame" quickly opened the computer and a post titled "Life is no longer important to me, live on my end of the road" has been issued for half an hour. . Dozens of netizens are reassured by the landlord.
"At 1:57, I sent a photo and I felt a serious situation." In this black and white photo, in addition to the white pill, there is still a hand pouring pills from the pill bottle onto the table. .
At 2:01, the landlord claimed to have taken the 10th sleeping pill. At 2:20, the silent landlord re-issued photos of three pills and announced his female identity and suicide cause. "I think it really bothers you. I don't believe in any kind of affection, love or friendship. What kind of love is it. Now I'm pregnant and I don't have money to beat children, I live alone outside..."
"You really let me die. I'm really dizzy and uncomfortable. I don't know if I can survive for a long time. If a child is dead, he or she can be gone. Everything is solved. Didn't my family call me to die?"
Moderator tracing
Girl promises to meet but refuses to see male
3:00 Moderator Missing Girl promised to meet but refused to see male
The college student “Magnolia” also paid close attention to the matter on the forum and contacted the landlord through QQ. "Magnolia" soon told the landlord's QQ, "sesame." "She has been crying. Sleeping pills have already reached the 16th." "Sesame" is very worried, so that "Magnolia" to find ways to reach each other's phone. But the other party refused.
2:38, "sesame" to the landlord to leave a message: "Landlord and sister, I know you QQ, you can add me? I believe sesame sister, I am also a woman, I am also a girl's mother. I also encountered in the emotional Betrayal and confusion. Would you like to add me?” On QQ, “sesame” went straight to the phone, “too slow to type, and to communicate quickly.” But the landlord hesitated for a long time and said: “Sister, I didn’t get a call. Money."
"Sesame" is in a hurry: "Sister, tell you that you haven't come up yet. Let me know the address."
At 2:52, the landlord replied at the forum: "As long as I am a sesame sister, I hate men. I don't want to talk to men."
“She was very excited on the phone and she always cried. I was allowed to see her alone, I didn’t want to see a man, and I was not allowed to call the police.” “Sesame” had to go to the phone immediately after asking the address. Considering safety, Sesame's husband Chuange also stayed with him. 3:12, "sesame" reply with a mobile phone: I'll be there!
Out of danger
Consider whether you want to have your kids
5:00 Two policemen sent "sesame" and He Qiao together to the nearest hospital. At 4:30, He Qiao finally agreed to gastric lavage. The husband of “sesame” has been assisting the doctor and paid medical expenses.
The police contacted her boyfriend through He Qiao's mobile phone, but the other party refused to come to the hospital. Afterwards, the police took in the two dads of He Qiqiao. “When Daddy hit her on the hospital, we couldn't hear it.” “Sesame” persuaded the two dads.
At 5 a.m., He Qiao washed his stomach and escaped danger. Before long, Heqiao's aunt also arrived. At 6 a.m., Sesame and her husband and Swordsman left the hospital. At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, He Qiao called "sesame" and said that his family had taken her home. The boyfriend has also arrived and is ready to accompany her to the hospital again for an examination. If the child wants it or not, she needs to reconsider it.
At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the number of visits to the "Suicide Lives Post" reached 15026, and 713 were returned. Behind her first post, there has been such a paragraph: After the efforts of netizens such as “sesame” and the police, the landlord has been successfully treated and is now out of danger. Thank you for your attention and help! --- End of the World Chongqing team.
Agree to seek medical treatment
The truth is that her boyfriend escaped after she became pregnant
This is an ordinary residential area in Chenjiaping. "Sesame" and her husband came to the 18th floor and her husband stayed at the stairs.
There was a knock on the door and a sleepy aunt opened the door. It turned out that this was a shared room divided into several small rooms. The landlord rented one of them. Her room had no lights at the time, and a vague face was hiding in the doorway, unable to see any of her expression. After repeatedly confirming that only “sesame” came from one person, the landlord agreed to her entering the house.
Turn on the lights, "sesame" to see the girl in front. She is not tall and fat. She wears black underwear. She is weak because of her medication. After a brief exchange, "Sesame" learned that the girl named He Qiao (a pseudonym), 22 years old, who lives in Yangjiaping. When she was five or six years old, her mother died and she grew up with her father. A few days ago, He was diagnosed with a pregnancy, but her boyfriend escaped. "Before the National Day holiday, she went home and asked for help. She was scolded by her aunt and dared not tell her father that she had rented out this small room. It cost 30 yuan a day."
The day before yesterday, He Qiao secretly took out hundreds of sleeping pills from her grandmother, except for the 16 that she had already taken, and the other had been hidden by her. Before long, the police called. Subsequently, netizens "swordsmen" also rushed to the scene. He Qiao's emotions became agitated, but he finally agreed to go to the hospital under the persuasiveness of “sesame”.
Psychologists Live Suicide Is Wishing to Awaken Love
For the two recent online webcasts of suicide, the US counselor Feng Darong pointed out that although the motives for committing suicide are varied, they come from the killing in this way, indicating that they lack family and social concerns.
Feng Darong said that people who have ideas for suicide use the Internet to broadcast the suicide process. There are only two purposes. First, they expect to receive the attention of their families and society and awaken their care for themselves. Second, they use such extreme actions to expand their influence, to retaliate against their loved ones, and to regret the people they are connected with. The tragedy that took place in Shenzhen was precisely that the parties intended to punish their families with their deaths and let them regret their lives. Therefore, it is very difficult to save his life; and the parties in Chongqing do not want to die. Just expect to get attention and get out of trouble. However, if there is no timely attention and assistance, the tragedy will also be staged.
Feng Darong believes that the pressure of social competition currently makes many young people encounter difficulties in their lives and work. Therefore, proper release of these pressures and difficulties can effectively prevent suicidal behavior.
The World Health Organization has designated September 10 this year as the first "World Suicide Prevention Day." According to statistics from the Beijing Center for Research and Intervention in Psychological Crisis, at least 250,000 people commit suicide every year and 2 million people attempt suicide.
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