On September 25, 2012, a 10-car accident occurred at the junction of Huancun Road and Lincun Viaduct in Lincun Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Two people were injured and nine cars and one motorcycle were spotted at the scene. Different levels of rear-end collisions and collisions occurred. According to eyewitness witnesses, the accident occurred at approximately 6 o'clock in the afternoon when he saw a large truck driving rapidly and the wheels smoked. "It is braking, but it seems to have no effect at all." Then the rear-end truck ran into the car in front of it. “The rear-end collision occurred one by one.” After preliminary judgment, the accident was caused by the failure of one of the long trailer brakes.

This was another accident caused by the failure of the truck brakes. In September alone, similar incidents were reported every day. According to statistics provided by the Traffic Management Bureau, in the analysis of accidents, the first priority is illegal driving, followed by mechanical breakdown of vehicles. In various vehicle failure statistics, brake failure occupies a very high proportion.

Nowadays, under the prevalence of safety, truck companies have made improvements in terms of body quality, vehicle design, and material selection. Engines, ABS, brake pads, and suspensions have also provided safe designs for trucks and vehicles. Even so, all kinds of traffic Accident reports still punctured our eardrum and vision, and accidents caused by the failure of truck brakes had a greater impact and caused more casualties.

Is there any special supporting facility for the failure of the braking system? The answer is yes, the installation of Tellomar retarder can effectively solve this "defect."

It is understood that Tellabs is the world's first brand of retarder and has been deeply loved by commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe, America and other countries. In particular, it has gained the trust of users. In 2005, it started to build a factory in China, and 7 years of eddy current slowdown. With the simultaneous development of passenger cars in China, the device has been highly praised by passenger car companies and has even formed the necessary products for passenger car factories and drivers. In the field of trucks, Talmer is widely used by foreign brands such as Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, etc. In China's truck market, the retarder starts to appear. Li Fei, general manager, mentioned that “we sincerely hope that The eddy current retarder product with high safety, high fuel economy, high economic return, and high reliability is brought to the user to help the truck to drive safely."

Trucks are particularly prone to brake failure on long downhill slopes, and the use of Tellomar retarder can effectively reduce the braking distance. It is understood that the Taylor Mali retarder effectively shortens the braking distance by 30%, effectively improving the braking performance of the vehicle and making the vehicle safer to operate. In EU countries, after the installation of Talemar, the vehicle's insurance premium is reduced by 5%, and the enhancement of the safety performance of Tellomar retarder has been widely recognized.

It is believed that if the truck user can accept the retarder, the traffic accident on the road will surely become less and less. The accident of a chain collision of Lincun Township, Tangxia Town, mentioned at the beginning of the article is definitely not going to happen again.

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