Nearly 2,000 Muslims in Qinghai arrive in Saudi Arabia to start Hajj Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-10-08

On October 7, with the arrival of a charter flight from the Qinghai Muslim Hajj Mission to Saudi Arabia, the 1967 Qinghai Muslims who visited the Saudi pilgrimage in 2012 all safely arrived in the Holy City of Medina and began a 35-day Hajj tour.
Han Deming, secretary general of the Islamic Association of Qinghai Province, introduced that the number of Muslim pilgrimages in Qinghai Province has slightly increased this year. From October 3 onwards, after the centralized gathering of pilgrimage officials, from the nearby Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, they took 6 charter flights within a few days respectively. He flew to Madinah City and then drove to Mecca.
Hajj is one of the five basic lessons of Islam, and it is considered by the faithful as a homework for merit. In recent years, more than 10,000 Muslims in China have traveled to the holy city of Mecca, involving many ethnic minorities who believe in Islam. As one of the major Muslim gathering places in China, Qinghai has nearly one million Muslims and is one of the major pilgrimage groups.
Han Deming said that in order to ensure that the Muslims can successfully complete the Hajj, the government department provided the Hajj staff with a thoughtful service. In addition to the staff of this year's Qinghai Hajj team, they also equipped with 10 Imams (instructor of the teaching staff of Hajj), 6 doctors and chefs, and divided the whole group into 47 groups to provide the Saudi side with Contact, translation and other services. As the income of the Chinese people continues to increase, the number of pilgrimages to Mecca in recent years is also rising.
From November 8 to November 11, the Hajj officers from Qinghai Province will gradually return to China.
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