Recently, the Shengze Town Environmental Sanitation Institute installed GPS "telescope" satellite positioning systems for seven road compression vehicles, which can immediately observe the running track of sanitation vehicles and realize information supervision. With the addition of 9 sanitation vehicles that installed GPS systems last year, there have been 16 GPS vehicles in Shengze Town, and this number is still increasing.

The reporter went to the GPS system control room at the South Third Ring Road, Shengze Town, and the vehicle dispatcher Zhang Shizhong demonstrated the monitoring process of the sweeper to the reporter in front of the computer. The reporter saw that the images transmitted by the GPS signals in the vehicle were divided into several video screens, and the situation of the road surface before and after the vehicle could be clearly seen; and Zhang Shizhong switched the screen into a map form and saw only one license plate represented by the green triangle arrow. The direction, route, and speed of the sweeper for the Soviet EU5256 are also clearly shown.

According to Zhu Xiangjun, deputy director of Shengze Sanitation Institute, the GPS satellite positioning system is displayed on an electronic map through satellite positioning, which allows it to monitor the route, mode of operation, and speed of the vehicle, thereby realizing the management of sanitation and mechanization operations.

After the GPS is installed, when these working vehicles carry out daily cleaning operations such as watering, cleaning, and removal of garbage on the road, the personnel in the indoor room monitored by the sanitation can immediately observe the running trajectory of these vehicles by simply clicking on the computer mouse. At the same time, it is also possible to check the running trajectory of these vehicles in a month or so.

"Change human scheduling to digital job management." The town’s sanitation institute gradually implemented this GPS “telescope” system. This informatization and intelligent manipulation drastically reduced the emergency processing time for road surface emergencies such as non-main slag, accumulated rain and snow, and road spillage. City cleaning degree. At the same time, these "telescope" can also monitor occupants of illegal driving and random parking behavior.

"On the computer monitor screen, the location, status, driving direction and speed of each sanitation truck are clear at a glance." Zhang Shizhong said that through GPS satellite positioning system, they can mobilize the nearest vehicle from the emergency location at any time and conduct the first time. Emergency treatment. In the past, a series of links such as the discovery of road surface problems, the need for reporting at the first-level level, the distribution of tasks, the dispatch of personnel, and the deployment of vehicles had to rely on human-made procedures.

It is reported that in June last year, the Shengze Town Environmental Sanitation Institute installed a GPS satellite positioning system for 9 sanitation vehicles. At present, 17 satellite sanitation vehicles have installed GPS satellite positioning systems and are put into use. It is estimated that by the end of this year, 60 vehicles including the sweeper vehicles, garbage collection vehicles and garbage transfer vehicles of the Shengze Town Environmental Sanitation Institute will all be installed with “telescope” and the scope will cover all the cleaned roads in the area.

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