According to a report from Environmental Waste International of Canada, EWS 's reverse polymerization process and proprietary microwave delivery system significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to the two most common methods for waste tire recycling (ie, incineration and rubber debris recovery).

According to data from the American Rubber Manufacturers Association, approximately 45% of scrap tires in the United States are disposed of by incineration, and approximately 29% are converted to detrital rubber. Based on these results, EWS technology can significantly reduce CO2 emissions and avoid pollutant emissions associated with various options.

The treatment of 1 million waste tires through the EWS process has a carbon dioxide emission of 12,166 tons less than the incineration method and 3,136 tons less than the production of detrital rubber.

Article Original Title: Canadian Tire Recycling Technology Reduces CO2 Emissions

      Auxiliary equipment for activated carbon production includes screening equipment, dust removal equipment, packaging equipment, conveying equipment, crushing equipment and drying equipment.

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