When repairing automobile lines, all body holes and sealing rings for the threading strings at the holes should be put in place, because these sealing rings not only function as seals but also serve as protective harnesses. If the seal ring is damaged or the wire harness can rotate or move in the seal ring, replace the seal ring, and assemble it firmly with the body holes and holes to stabilize the wire harness.

After the window glass is damaged, it is necessary to change the glass with the same curvature as the original window glass, and at the same time check whether the glass guide groove and the sealing strip are damaged. Since the windows do not always return to their original shape after repair, it is necessary to ensure that the window glass can be sealed tightly after the window is closed, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted.

When repairing a door with a sealing flange, care should be taken to repair the damaged sealing flange and accurately restore the shape of the original flange. After the door is repaired, check the leak tightness. The inspection method is: Place a piece of hard paper on the sealing position, close the door, pull the piece of paper again, and judge whether the seal is good or not according to the size of the pulling force. If too much force is required to pull the piece of paper, it means that the seal is too tight, which affects the normal closing of the door, and also causes the seal to change its sealing performance quickly due to excessive deformation; if the force needed to pull the piece of paper is exceeded If it is too small, it indicates that the seal is bad, and the door wind is often not protected from rain. When replacing the door, it is necessary to pay attention to the folding edge glue on the inner and outer flanges of the new door, and to plug some of the small holes left in the stamping process with the base tape.

When changing the roof, firstly apply a layer of conductive sealant at the pressure joint of the roof, and then apply the folded edge glue in the flow tank and joints after welding. This will not only help to seal the body, It can also prevent the car body from causing early corrosion due to the accumulation of water at the flange weld. When assembling the door, it is necessary to affix a whole piece of sealing and isolating film to the inner panel of the door below the window. If there is no formed sealing isolation film, ordinary plastic paper can be used instead, and then the sealing and separating film can be affixed and compacted, and finally carried out. Interior panel production assembly.

When replacing the entire vehicle body, besides the above items, the seals should be applied to the overlapping parts of the welds and the solder joints. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be approximately 1 mm, and the adhesive layer should not be viscous. Defects such as air bubbles, etc.; special hemming adhesives should be applied on the folded edge, and 3mm-4mm of elastic coating and anti-corrosion coating should be applied on the under floor surface and the front surface of the front wheel cover. The inner surface of the board is to be affixed with sound-insulating, heat-insulating, vibration-damping film, then covered with heat-insulating mats, and finally carpeted or decorated with a decorative floor. These measures can not only greatly enhance the vehicle's tightness and reduce the rust speed of the body, but also can greatly improve ride comfort.

Skid steer loaders are also known as skid steer loaders, multi-purpose engineering vehicles, and multi-functional engineering machines. It is a wheeled special chassis device that realizes the steering of the vehicle by using the difference in line speed between the two sides. It is mainly used in occasions where the work site is small, the ground is undulating, and the work content changes frequently.

It is suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, terminal loading and unloading, urban streets, houses, barns, barns, airport runways, etc., and can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. There are two types of skid steer loaders: wheeled and tracked.

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Skid Steer Loader

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