Cart detachable garbage truck hopper: The hopper is a metal welded part, open and sealed in two forms. When the bulk cargo is loaded into the hopper, a hanging chain is hung and the hopper can be lifted onto the vehicle by operating the swing arm. When the material is unloaded, the swing arm is used to lift the hopper, and after landing, the hopper is unloaded by taking off the hanging chain at one end. The maximum tilt angle of the hopper can reach 86°. Hydraulic operating system: consists of fuel tank, oil pump, multi-way valve, hydraulic cylinder, balance valve, hydraulic lock, oil filter and piping.

The entire system of the detachable garbage truck is powered by automobile gearboxes and power take-offs. The manual multi-way valve operates the outrigger cylinder and swing arm cylinder for telescopic movement. The displacement of the pump in this system can be regulated by the manual throttle in the car. The handle of the manual reversing valve controls the stroke of the valve rod to control the movement speed of the piston rod. The system pressure can be set by the safety relief valve. The system will exceed the set pressure and the safety overflow will be exceeded. Flow valve overflow. Operating system: Through the system to achieve the conversion of various functions. Prior to operating the multi-way valve, a power take-off should be hung to drive the pump.

The handle of the multi-way reversing valve can be operated through the detachable garbage truck of the carriage to complete the telescopic stretching, loading and unloading of the legs. By operating the throttle lever beside the multi-way valve, the engine speed can be controlled to adjust the operating speed of the system's flow change mechanism. The No. 1 height control valve is used for front suspension control. It has two solenoid valves to control the left and right air springs. The No. 2 height control valve is used for rear suspension control and also uses two solenoid valves. To prevent abnormal pressure in the air line, a relief valve is used in No. 2 height control valve.

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