When buying a tanker truck, the majority of users are concerned about the daily maintenance and maintenance issues, and how can they extend the life of the tanker.

1. The vacuum gauge of tank truck vacuum gauge tanker is also need to be cautious. When the value of vacuum gauge of tank truck is low or no value is shown, the cause of these faults may be that the suction pipe part is not sealed tightly or The gap between the impellers of the oil pump increases. What's worse is that the vacuum gauge may have been damaged. This is why we need to inspect and repair the vacuum gauge of the tank truck or replace the new vacuum gauge.

2. Tanker Oil Pump When the tanker oil is not sucking or sucking oil, we need to eliminate the cause of the malfunction. Check whether the oil in the tanker's oil pump is normal, and ensure that the oil absorption depth does not exceed 5m and the vent valves are in place. If there is no oil in the oil pump, 10L must be added.

3, tank car sound and other

A. There are some simple troubleshooting methods for tanker trucks. Drivers' friends need ideas. According to some voices of tankers, they can tell whether the vehicles are in normal operation.

b. When abnormal noise occurs in the power box of the tanker, first

Mini Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Mini Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine applications

1. Plastic forming machine for packing is suitable for materials like VC,PE,PET,PC,PP,HIPS,APET,PETG,PS, etc. 

2. Can be used to produce snack box, fruit tray , biscuit box ,toothbrush ,battery , gift, little hardware ,stationary, decorative article, pill,etc.

Mini automatic Vacuum Forming Machine Advantages

1. Plastic forming machine for packing switches to new energy-saving heat tiles which can save at least 20% energy.

2. Mitsubishi inverter as a master control system. Material length is accurate to within ± 3mm.

3. By adopting universal mold plate, Plastic forming machine for packing can save material 15%.

Mini automatic vacuum forming machine Features

1. Auto-running furnace design instead pushing by hand, It really saves manpower meanwhile improves working efficiency and forming         products quality.

2. Button control or foot pedal control available, convenient operation.
3. 25pcs ceramic infrared heating boards which can be controlled separately, suit for different size or different thickness material.
4. 25pcs Solid state voltage regulators, control heating boards simple and visualized.
5. Large-scale cooling fan which can cool the products quickly.
6. Water-spray cooling system which suit for thick material.(optional).
7. Manual style and Semi-auto style available.

Mini automatic vacuum forming machine parameters



Power supply

AC220V OR 380V,380V/3



Max.forming size


Max. forming height




Thickness of material


N. weight


Machine size

1600*720 *1900mm

Mini Automatic  Vacuum Forming Machine

Mini Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

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