On February 10, it was Dongfeng's first day of work after the holiday. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles produced 672 vehicles that day. In February, the accumulated production reached 11,000, which ushered in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse.

At the assembly plant of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., the reporter saw four assembly lines starting at the same time. The production rate of each production line equipment reached 100%. The neat scene, smooth logistics and orderly organization opened the curtain of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse. It is understood that on February 10th, the plant had a total of 672 vehicles on four lines, all of which were at full capacity. In February, the plant scheduled 11182 vehicles for production, and KD packaged 96 vehicles. On the first day of work, the plant was equipped with 204, 120, 157, and 191 units of the first, second, third and eighth lines respectively. The total monthly production was 17 days, with an average daily production capacity of 657 units.

Tong Dongcheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng, and Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Co., Ltd. came to the production line on the same day to send their employees a blessing for the Spring Festival and to investigate factors such as rain and snow weather, Spring Festival holidays, and Spring Festival logistics. .

“Employee comrades have a happy New Year!” At Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center, Huang Gang first expressed his condolences to the workers in production. Huang Gang said that in 2013, with the joint efforts of all employees, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. achieved a good operating performance, with sales of automobiles reaching 181,000, an increase of 12% year-on-year. In 2014, the company is bound to face more challenges. To this end, it must take the market and customer as the center and grasp the implementation opportunities of the State IV to consolidate and enhance its market position.

Although the February working day in February was only 15 days, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. cast a factory and made every effort to complete the 5685 tons of historical maximum scheduling plan. Huang Gang came to the modeling workshop of the foundry No. 1 Plant and learned from the melting team leader Rao Guobing about the management and improvement effect of the workshop and team. Rao Guobing introduced that last year, factories, workshops, and shifts from top to bottom carried out detailed business management to improve business efficiency. Relying on the promotion of projects, they vigorously carried out management innovation, technological innovation, self-conscious management, self-improvement, self-improvement, and realized various CPUs. (Unit cost) steadily decreased.

The new plant of the engine plant has yet to enter the production stage. In the face of the high-yield target of 5,000 units in February, the engine plant will be mobilized and deployed before the Chinese New Year and the annual production will begin as early as possible (pictured). Huang Gang requested that, while completing the factory's plan, it should be customer-centric and fully implement the "zero defect" policy, and continuously improve customer satisfaction to ensure production safety.

In order to complete the production tasks for quality and quantity, before the Spring Festival holidays, the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s factories have early plans and early arrangements for each work, and implemented self-preservation and two-day equipment maintenance. On the afternoon of February 9, the relevant departments prepared for production in advance and entered working conditions. On the 10th of the first day of work, full horsepower, in the premise of ensuring safety and quality of production operations, thus creating a new pattern of post-holiday high-yield.

Coupling R15K551.1

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1. transform the M-BFP to T-BFP

2. transform the Hydraulic Coupling

3.transform the BFP

4. transform the speed adjusting mode of M-BFP. That means changing from the hydraulic coupling speed to frequency conversion.

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Coupling R15K551.1

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