In the transition process, it can be used to reduce the pressure rise, and in the event of an accident, the valve can discharge the water flow in the pressure pipeline.

Control valve type

According to the purpose and role, the main parameters, pressure, medium working temperature, special purpose (ie, special, special valves), drive energy, structure and other methods were classified, the most commonly used classification method is to divide the control valve into nine by structure. The major categories are 6 linear strokes and 3 angular strokes.

Pressure regulator valve working principle

The pressure regulator can basically be said to be a pressure reducing valve. The working principle of the pressure reducing valve is as follows:

The high-pressure medium is filled into a relatively large cavity through a small hole to realize decompression. Actually, it is decompressed by the cut-off, and the diaphragm or the piston has an outlet on both sides and one side is the pressure given by the manpower, and the size of the control hole is controlled. The stem is connected to the diaphragm (piston) so that given a constant pressure, the pressure in the outlet will always be equal to this pressure, and this given pressure may be provided by a spring or gas source or hydraulic source.

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