Belt deviation is a phenomenon coal mine belt in the work process most frequently encountered. The problem of belt deviation is said to be small or small. If the problem is not serious, the belt will be "affected by the injury", which will affect the normal production of the production line. Once the problem is serious, the belt and the frame will be rubbed hard to soften or even burn the belt. The fire, the consequences can not imagine!

The reasons for deviation can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. The center of the nose, tail, and intermediate frame are not on the same straight line.

The installation is the main reason for the deviation of the belt. The axis cannot be perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the belt, so that the belt is easily biased when the belt is unbalanced during operation.


Adjust the centerlines of the three to make them on the same line.

2, the deviation of the belt at the roller

This is mainly caused by the improper installation position of the drum, which mainly includes two aspects of the irregularity. On the one hand, it is not perpendicular to the center line of the tape, and on the other hand, it is not parallel with the horizontal plane, that is, the installation is uneven. During operation, the combined force of the external force received in the width direction of the belt is not zero, and the belt will be biased toward the side with a large external force.


Solution Adjust the drum mounting position so that its axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the belt and parallel to the horizontal plane.

3, belt conveyor joints are not correct, uneven belt deviation, this deviation phenomenon often occurs at the joint of the belt.


The trimmed belt joint is solved by the new belt joint. When connecting the belt joints, be sure to ensure a positive peace at the joints. It is worth noting that in order to ensure the groovedness of the belt at the joint, it is better to segment the belt buckle along the length of the grooved idler when the belt buckle is buckled. In addition, in order to avoid the tearing of the belt, it must be To reduce the occurrence of broken pins now.

4, the tow roller frame is not correct or the fixed roller frame screw loosening caused by the deviation


It is recommended that when installing the belt conveyor, the symmetry of the center line of the roller set and the center line of the conveyor frame should be controlled to 3.0 mm or less, and the roller set should be installed on the same horizontal or inclined surface.

The roller frame is corrected so that the error is controlled within the allowable deviation. The deviation caused by the looseness of the roller of the roller frame can be solved by tightening the loose bolt.

5, long-term wear and tear caused by the deviation.

In the long-term work, the belt will inevitably be subject to some wear and tear. When the degree of wear on both sides of the belt center line is different, when the same tensile stress is applied, the stretch ratio on both sides will usually be different, if the stretch ratio is different. When it is large, it will cause different elongation on both sides of the belt. Once the elongation is different, the belt will be easily deflected when the belt is working.


Enhance the maintenance and inspection of the belt and repair or replace the damaged belt in time. Belt wear is more common in production, but it should not be underestimated.

6, the belt caused by the partial load deviation.

Usually, the material conveyed by the belt is not in the middle of the conveyor belt, so that the belt is unevenly distributed due to uneven distribution of force on both sides of the center line.


Adjust the guide groove of the material, adjust the height of the material and the size of the material, or solve by installing the material buffer.

7. Belt deviation caused by material impact.

Usually occurs when the belt is unloaded, mainly due to the gravity and inertia of the material impacting the belt. In addition, if the material is too much on the drum or the idler, it will cause the belt to run off.


Clean up the material that has accumulated on the rollers or rollers in a timely manner.

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