The relationship between the surface of automated instrumentation parts The core problem in controlling the quality of the machined surface lies in its use function, and the surface characteristic parameters that can meet the requirements of its use should be specified according to the characteristics of various types of parts. It is not difficult to see that for a given machining surface, we always hope to evaluate it with the most (or comparatively) appropriate surface feature parameters in order to achieve the desired functional requirements; at the same time, we hope that the parameters themselves should be stable and reflect the characteristics of the surface nature. Not affected by the assessment of the benchmark and the resolution of the instrument, reducing the parameter indication error caused by measuring the random process.

Portable roughness instrument but we can easily find out from the characteristics and content of standard formulation. With the development of modern industry, especially the appearance of new surface processing methods and the application of new measuring instruments and measuring methods, many parameters in the standard have been unable to To meet the needs of modern production, especially in some special processing occasions, such as finishing, the surface of the portable roughness instrument with the same Ra value (or very similar) processed by different methods will not necessarily have the same function. At this time, the evaluation of Ra value on such surfaces appears to be powerless, and the traditional assessment method focuses too much on averaging the height information, and almost ignores the attributes of the horizontal direction, failing to reflect the overall information of the surface topography.

In recent years, in the field of surface property research, relatively speaking, the research on the surface functional properties of parts has been relatively weak, because it involves many disciplines and technical fields. The various parts of the machine have different requirements in use, and the functional adaptability of the surface features will be very complex, which also limits the research on the relationship between the surface topography and its functional characteristics.

The rapid development of industrial production urgently requires the emergence of more effective and adaptable surface feature evaluation parameters. In order to resolve this contradiction, many scholars in various countries have intensified their research efforts in this regard in order to establish in the near future. A set of parameters with significant functional characteristics.

On the other hand, in order to prevent "parametric explosion" and also prevent the appearance of a large number of relevant parameters, one parameter should be used to evaluate multiple performance characteristics, and a small set of parameters is used to achieve an accurate description of the essential characteristics of the surface. .

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