With the development of highways, road construction and pavement maintenance machinery have been widely used. Pavement maintenance is one of the essential daily tasks in highway maintenance. The maintenance of highways and the renewing of mechanized road maintenance equipment are an important symbol for modern highway maintenance. In recent days, the northern traffic has concentrated on the development of the KFM5160TYHLC roller silo comprehensive maintenance vehicle, which has been used for storage heating, insulation, and mixing of waste asphalt mixture, and has carried out a large number of practices, and developed the first domestic KFM5160TYHLC rotary silo comprehensive maintenance vehicle. .

North Traffic Launches China's First FM5160TYHLC Roller Silo Comprehensive Road Maintenance Vehicle

The product is developed in response to the country's call to actively respond to the call of the country, combined with market demand, based on years of experience in the design and manufacture of road maintenance equipment. The product meets Euro IV emission standards. The vehicle uses Dongfeng DFL1160BX5 chassis and the hydraulic system consists of all imported hydraulic components. It has the functions of storage and insulation of new or used asphalt mixture, random asphalt mixture and new asphalt mixture, random mixing, emulsified asphalt spraying, slotting, crushing and compaction of road surface. Reliable work performance, high work efficiency, excellent cost performance, is the ideal equipment for road repair.
KFM5160TYHLC Roller Silo Comprehensive Maintenance Vehicle satisfies the requirements for the recycling of pavement materials in the “Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Transport on Accelerating the Recycling of Highway Pavement Materials” issued by Jiaotong Highway [2012] No. 489. And can provide four kinds of asphalt pavement maintenance construction methods, a multi-purpose vehicle, energy saving and environmental protection. This car is in line with the actual domestic pavement maintenance practice and industry facts. (This article comes from Northern Traffic)

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