★ Notes on car braking ★
1. After the car has relaxed the accelerator pedal while driving, it is not necessary to place the foot on the brake pedal when it is not necessary to perform predictive actions.

2. Emergency braking shall not be used when the car is driving on narrow roads, rain, snow, ice and mud tracks. When crossing railroad crossings, bridges, wading roads and wheels on slippery roads such as ice and snow, try to avoid using brakes to prevent sudden stoppage of vehicles.

3. After the car passes through the wading road section, the brake pedal should be stepped on several times continuously to eliminate the moisture on the brake shoe and restore the brake well.

4, before the car in the next long slope, should be replaced into a low block, the use of the engine's traction resistance control speed-based, supplemented by the foot brake, do not be neutral gear sliding.

5. When using the hand brake as auxiliary brake, do not pull the hand brake to the end. The correct method is to combine the pull and loose. In any case, the parking brake must be tightened, especially when parking on the ramp. Attention should be paid to the accident. Do not inadvertently cause an accident.

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