Xingmin Steel Ring announced today that the company plans to use its own capital to invest 50 million yuan in Beijing to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Xingmin New Material Co., Ltd., which will mainly develop new materials for research and development, high-end auto parts customization, 3D printing Custom business.

The company stated that in the early stage of the establishment of Xingmin Xincai , the development, design, production, and manufacturing of new automotive parts and components will be centered around the lightweighting of automobiles. In the future, Xingmin new materials will be extended to the development of new materials for industrial parts and components. And product manufacturing.

After the establishment of Xingmin Xincai, through the cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, it will further develop advanced composite material applications and rapid prototyping manufacturing technologies represented by fiber-reinforced resin-based composite materials, highlighting weight reduction, energy saving, noise reduction, and reduction. The advantages of vibration, such as expanding the product range, expanding the market share of the company's products and leading the industry in Xingmin Steel Ring.

According to the data, from the perspective of the world, under the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction, auto parts and even the entire vehicle are in the direction of lightweight development.

Studies have shown that for each 10% reduction in the weight of a car, fuel consumption is reduced by 6% to 8%, reducing emissions by 5% to 6%, which is of great significance for achieving energy-saving and emission reduction in automobiles. Although lightweighting of automobiles has become a general trend, the domestic automobile lightweighting technology is not yet mature and related industries have not yet formed scale.

Xingmin Xincai will also take advantage of the development, design, manufacturing and sales of Xingmin Steel Ring in the automotive industry to develop high-end auto parts products that meet customer needs through the development of high-end customized models.

At the same time, the announcement stated that the advantages of digital-analog design and application of 3D printing technology in the R&D center of Xingmin Steel Circle and Beihang are fully utilized to provide personalized 3D printing services for the market, including but not limited to the use of new materials and crude oil materials. Abrasives custom.

Xingmin Steel Circle stated that starting from the company’s development strategy, the establishment of a subsidiary can further expand the company’s Industrial Chain, increase the added value and technological content of the product, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness; at the same time, it is convenient for the company to introduce high-quality talents and enhance R & D capabilities, reduce R & D costs.

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