CBG series of improved gear pump is designed and manufactured according to the special industrial and mining needs of the user, using the accumulated technology and experience accumulated in the development and production of gear pumps, combined with the research on the technology and structure of similar advanced products in the world.
Recently, the CBG series of improved gear pumps developed and developed by Yangtze Hydraulic successfully entered the snow-cleaning truck industry, marking the arrival of a new market segment in the Yangtze Hydraulic Products.
CBG series of improved gear pump performance is not only reliable, but also suitable for operation in harsh climate, can reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, and promote scientific development of environmental protection cause.
Link: The "LBF series flow rate distribution load sensing multi-way valve " of Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Co., Ltd. was approved by Sichuan Science and Technology Department, Provincial Department of Finance Organizational Department and technical and financial expert review. It was included in 2013 Provincial Key Points New product funding plan, and Sichuan Province, a special fund for research and development finance.
This series of products now have three paths LBF14, LBF22, LBF25, is the Yangtze River hydraulic absorption of the international advanced load sensing technology, combined with the characteristics of hydraulic engineering machinery at home and abroad, the company's own load sensing technology platform after the valve control technology On their own research and development with a leading domestic valve load-sensing control of energy-efficient multi-channel valve products. The product has the function of flow proportion distribution technology independent of the load pressure, good anti-jamming and anti-saturation, precise inching control, excellent proportionality characteristic, high efficiency and energy saving etc. It is the core element of energy saving and environmental protection for the upgrading of Construction Machinery, especially for In multi-agency composite working machinery and equipment.

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