There are two types of forest fire trucks . One is a fire engine and the other is a RV. Today, the forest fire truck RV is the main engine . The forest fire truck is based on a special vehicle chassis. The main features of the RV refitting are as follows:


This vehicle is designed for field workers and can meet the needs of five to eight staff members camping, working in the field, and convening small meetings.


1. The cabin of the camping car is made of big square cabin technology, which is solid and beautiful.

2. The compartments are divided into three compartments, which are conference rooms, lounges and toilets. They are connected to each other through partition doors.

3. The conference room is equipped with conference tables, folding chairs, single beds, desks, nightstands, car refrigerators, air conditioning, LCD TVs, DVDs and other equipment, which can be used by five to eight staff to hold small meetings; a single bed For staff to rest.

4. There are folding chairs, folding tables, air conditioners, LCD TVs and other equipment in the lounge for 4 staff to camp and rest.

5. Toilets equipped with hand-wash basins, on-board toilets, clean water tanks, sewage tanks and other facilities to meet the staff washing requirements.

6. Pull out ladders and handrails on the outside of the car to facilitate personnel.

7. The luggage compartment and distribution box are installed in the lower part of the cabin to fully utilize the space of the cabin. Distribution box set socket, you can use 220V or 380V external power supply.

8. Install mechanical legs below the cabin and prop up the body when camping to make the cabin more stable.

Soundproof Generator Set also can be called Low Noise Generator Set . With the soundproof canopy and bigger muffler , it can decrease the noise level , give user better use enviroment .

Its futures

1) Significant low noise performance, the noise level is 75 dB (A) at 1 meters .

2) The compact struction , small size and beautiful appearance .

3) Multi-layer shielding impedance sound insulation cover

4) Efficient noise reduction type of multi-channel into the exhaust

5) Large impedance composite muffler

6) Big fuel tank

We have more than 15 years experience for produce generator set , output from 8KW to 1000KW . Soundproof diesel generator sets are used by customers according to environmental requirements but have small position for installation .This series of generator sets use advanced noise reduction technology, and new sound-absorbing materials.The noise is is very samll when the gensets are working. The noise of normal soundproof gensets can be lower to 75 db (A) . They are applied to many places according to environmental requirements, such as factories, hotels, schools and residential areas etc. Soundproof generator sets are equipped with soundproof canopy, reasonable exhaust system,double-classis base frame and cushioning devices.The integration of oil tanks,coolant,batteries,muffler makes it convenient for installation and removal.

Soundproof Type Generator Set

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