Precautions for the use of powder test sieves The powder test sieve is an instrument for measuring the fineness of flour in food oils. It is developed according to the GB/T 5507-2008 "Food Oil Inspection - Powder Thickness Measurement" national standard and is applicable to flour, Starch, rice flour, feed and other powder materials processing precision testing, also known as round inspection flat screen. In addition, there are new national standard sieves for screening granular foods and oil samples, which are also very commonly used to determine the content of alfalfa in cereals and rice.
The powder screening screen consists of three parts: the chassis, the rotating tray, and the screen body. The chassis is equipped with a motor, belt transmission components, balance devices, timers, and the like. In the process of use, we need to pay attention to the following issues to improve the efficiency of use.
1. The powder screening screen should be placed on a solid cement bench or tabletop. If the test bench or table is uneven, it can cause vibration of the powder screening screen. The power cord must be inserted into a grounded outlet. 2. Do not put more than 200 grams of sample powder in the sieve grid for screening, otherwise it is easy to damage the sieve bowl and cause the vibration of the powder sieve. 3. The timer is digital display "+" "-" button adjustment type, the middle of the letter h, m, s, respectively, watch hours, minutes, seconds. If the timing is "09m30", it means that the timing is 9 minutes and 30 seconds; the timing is "09s30", it is 9.30 seconds; the timing is "09h30", and the timing is 9 hours and 30 minutes. Each motor rotation should not exceed 1 hour, otherwise it is easy to damage the motor. 4. After each operation of the powder screening screen, you must press the switch again to reset it (that is, the switch button pops up, in which the indicator light goes out) to prevent unsafe factors caused by the operation of a power supply when the work is resumed. 5. When the machine is running, it must be fixed with a tightly pressed hook and then press the power switch.

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