Multifunctional safety hammer sound and light alarm flashlight Product Manual Product Name: Six-in-one LED multi-function sound and light alarm flashlight First, the function introduced:

1, flash warning: Red LED flashing flashes emergency signal, 200 meters visual distance.

2. Sound alarm: The horn can emit fire alarm sound with high decibel value. 3. Flashlight illumination: Illuminate at night or in a dark environment and use it as long-range illumination of strong light.

4, strong magnetic base: base with a strong magnetic, can be adsorbed on the surface of iron.

5, safety belt cutter: emergency time, can be used to cut off the car seat belt, its components using a special design, both to protect the knife, but also to avoid injury to users.

6, lifesaving hammer: emergency time, you can break the window glass or other hardware objects to escape.

7, other features:

Product sealing characteristics, can be used in the rain; 9 red flashing lights, brightness of 5000mcd or more; 1 white lighting, brightness of 12000mcd or more; lighting sustainable time of 10 hours or more, flashing lights for 36 hours.

Second, use instructions:

1. According to the positive and negative directions marked by the battery compartment of this product, insert two AA batteries (separate purchase), and tighten the flashlight base.

2. Press three different switches on the switch to turn on the torch light, flash and alarm.

3. If an accident occurs at night, the base of this product can be attached to the roof or the parts of the iron. Flashing lights and alarms can be used to send out SOS emergency signals.

4. If the seat belt cannot be unlocked in the event of an accident, the belt cutter can be used to cut the seat belt.

5. If an accident cannot open the door, use a life hammer to break the window glass.

Third, note:

1. Please remove the battery when it is not used for a long time, and re-install it when it is used. 2. This product is magnetic. Do not put this product together with metal objects and objects that are susceptible to magnetic fields.

3, the product's waterproof function is limited to use under normal conditions, do not use in water.

4. The life-saving hammer and cutter blade of this product are disposable components and are not recommended for repeated use.

Patent certificate: ZL201130054908.8

Inspection report: DQP20110055

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