According to a report released by the US Department of Energy on January 14, the demand for light-emitting diode (LED) lighting will increase by 7.4 per year. As one of the best lighting markets in the world, the huge potential of the US LED market may indicate the entire overseas LED. The market is welcoming a period of rapid expansion.
Industry observers pointed out that the stimulating effect of demand growth in overseas markets has already begun to emerge in the second half of 2013, and there is a great opportunity to continue the rapid growth of product exports. The penetration rate of domestic LED manufacturers in overseas markets is expected to increase.
According to the US Department of Energy, LED lighting will reduce energy consumption in the United States by nearly half by 2030; by 2030, the largest energy-saving area in the US is in the commercial sector, followed by residential, and two areas are expected to save 37 and 34 respectively. Even if we look back to the short-term, the US LED market demand growth expectations are coveted, the US Department of Energy report predicts that the overall size of the US lighting market in 2016 will reach 25.1 billion US dollars.
Industry research institutes pointed out that the global ban on the sale of incandescent lamps below 60 watts in 2014, the pulling effect of LED replacement light source has begun to be highlighted in the second half of 2013.

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