Copper alloy analyzer function 1, copper alloy analyzer easy to use: "a key that is measured", determine the alloy brand in 2 to 5 seconds, 5 to 10 seconds to determine the 28 elements;

2, simple operation: the sample can be measured, no user skills required;

3, small portable: machine weight 1.8 kg, 9cm × 30cm × 27cm, excellent ergonomic design;

4, high accuracy: low detection limit, data can be read to 0.01% within 10 seconds;

5, strong reliability: in line with CE and cCSAUS standards, design, production fully in line with international standards, reliable quality protection;

6, copper alloy analyzer application range: 28 kinds of elements, thousands of alloys, can add new brands, can upgrade the whole machine technology;

7, sample appearance compensation function: no need to deal with samples, can measure a variety of sizes and shapes of the sample. Such as pipelines, powders, electronic components, etc. with a diameter of less than 1 mm;

8, automatic calibration function: self-carrying alloy energy calibration samples, ensure the best measurement status at all times, to avoid the detection data drift distortion;

9, waterproof and dustproof features: the world's only IP54 waterproof and dustproof design, adapt to harsh environments (working temperature -10oC ~ +50oC, the highest measured surface temperature up to +400oC samples);

10, radiation safety devices: power-on password protection, infrared sample sensing device, three operating warning lights to ensure safe operation;

11, batch identification function: can store 100,000 test data records; up to 50 consecutive tests and automatically calculate the average;

12, human-computer interaction: color touch screen handheld computers (PDA), personal computer dual-mode operation control and data storage sharing;

13, copper alloy analyzer maintenance costs are low: without any experimental consumables, high energy miniature X-ray tube normal life of up to 8 years;

14. Others: Support Chinese Simplified/Traditional mode; Basic parameter method for quantitative analysis of calibration procedures; Ability to identify material types and automatically select the best analysis method; Rechargeable high-capacity Li batteries with long service life.

Copper alloy analyzer analysis range 1, thousands of alloy brands, can add new brand library through PDA.

2, X-MET5000 alloy analyzer can analyze 26 kinds of elements: silver Ag, gold Au, arsenic As, antimony Bi, chromium Cr, cobalt Co, copper Cu, iron Fe, antimony Hf, indium In, antimony Ir, molybdenum Mo, Manganese Mn, niobium Nb, nickel Ni, palladium Pd, platinum Pt, lead Pb, selenium Se, tin Sn, antimony Sb, titanium Ti, vanadium V, tungsten W, yttrium Y, zinc Zn, zirconium Zr and other elements.

3, X-MET5100 copper alloy analyzer: alloy brand identification within 1 second, on the basis of X-MET5000, the addition of breakthrough light element analysis (magnesium Mg, aluminum Al, silicon Si, phosphorus P) function, without Use a vacuum pump or a helium tank.

4. According to the needs of the customer, any element between the element Mg of the 12th element and the element U of the element 92 of the periodic table may be increased or decreased.

5, X-MET copper alloy analyzer standard configuration measurement matrix:

● Low-alloy steel ● Stainless steel ● Tool steel ● Nickel alloy ● Cobalt alloy ● Copper alloy ● Aluminum alloy ● Titanium alloy ● Soldered copper alloy analyzer A new measuring substrate can be added anytime, anywhere, and the operation is easy.

6, WindowsCE operating system includes the following features:

●Grade identification ●Quantitative analysis ●Measurement of spectral lines ●High analysis accuracy, stability, easy and flexible operation ●Quick and easy measurement and reading of results ●Quick and accurate quantitative analysis of specimens and parts of various shapes and sizes ●X- The MET5000 copper alloy analyzer probe tip design allows for easy analysis of complex shape specimens. For example: fillet welds, very small samples. Even if there is a small distance between the test probe and the sample, it will not affect the analysis result.

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As an additional environmental concern, R22 Refrigerant is a powerful greenhouse gas with a global warming potential equal to 1810 (which indicates 1810 times as powerful as carbon dioxide).[4] Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are often substituted for R-22 because of their lower Ozone Depleting Potential, but these refrigerants also have high global warming potential. R-410A, for example, is often substituted, but has a Global Warming Potential of 1725. Another substitute is R404A with a Global Warming Potential of 3900. Other substitute refrigerants are available with low Global Warming Potential. Ammonia (R717), for example, has a Global Warming Potential of <1 and is a popular substitute on fishing vessels. Propane (R-290), is another example, and has a Global Warming Potential of 3, although it is rarely used in refrigeration systems because of its flammability and potential for explosion.

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