In 2013, for the Dongfeng Motor Group, it was not only a year of realization but also a year with many stories. In the next three years, a huge and challenging project is waiting for the Dongfeng people to realize.

In addition to sales growth over the next three years, Dongfeng Motor Group plans to integrate its subsidiaries into 10 to 15 vehicle units, 2 to 3 component units or 1N component units, and 2 to 3 financial companies to increase The group's efficiency avoids the "fragmentation" between subsidiaries and forms a group synergy.

In regard to the development of self-owned brand vehicles that are highly anticipated, Zhu Fushou, general manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., frankly stated that he hopes that the growth rates of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles with self-owned brands will be higher than the industry level in 2014 so that it can achieve the 2016 proposed “Dry” D300 plan. The sales volume of independent brands reached 3 million vehicles. Therefore, in addition to planning to launch luxury self-owned cars and SUV models in 2014, Zhu Fushou proposed 2014 that all products of Fengshen, Fengxing and Fengdu be planned in the first half of the year so as to coordinate resources for the market.

The development of independent business <br> <br> Zhu Fushou said that in 2014 and 2015 for the Dongfeng own business is a very important year, in order to enhance competitiveness and self-car sales, Dongfeng Motor Group will help take many forms its own brand development of. On the one hand, in the first half of this year, the company has completed the planning of the products of Fengxin, Fengxing and Fengfeng, three independent brands, and further coordinated and coordinated resources to accelerate the pace of development. "Cooperation" means that the Dongfeng proposed earlier revolved around large commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and large parts and components, and focused on strengthening the synergy between the product platform, powertrain, technology research and development capabilities, network channels, brands, and overseas business. On the other hand, the Dongfeng sector will accelerate the launch of new products. In 2014, SUV car G29 and high-end luxury sedan “Dongfeng No. 1” will be put on the market.

As early as 2011, Dongfeng released its own brand medium-term business plan named "Dry" D300. By 2016, Dongfeng will sell 3 million units of its own brand. Among them, Dongfeng has 1 million commercial vehicles, 1 million Dongfeng passenger vehicles and 1 million other independent brands. Dongfeng hopes that its commercial vehicles can be the first in the country and the top three in the world; Dongfeng's own brand passenger cars will be the first camp of domestic self-owned passenger vehicles. The reporter learned that Dongfeng Motor Group sold 35.35 million cars in 2013 and continued to rank second in the industry. Among them, the sales of self-owned brand cars reached 1.271 million, achieving the third increase from the industry to the second; the sales of self-owned brand passenger cars reached 650,600, and achieved the fourth to third improvement in the industry.

Recent shares PSA

Zhu Fushou said: “In 2014, Dongfeng must take the initiative in its own development and reform and opening up as its two main tasks, further emancipate the mind, comprehensively deepen reforms, speed up transformation and upgrading, focus on independent development, enhance the level of openness and cooperation, and unswervingly go out.” Important tasks are also two hard indicators.

Last year, in terms of joint venture cooperation, Dongfeng entered into a joint venture agreement with Renault in the passenger car segment; Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., a commercial vehicle segment, and Volvo, the world’s commercial vehicle giant, jointly established a strategic alliance with capital as a link; Dongfeng, the component segment, and GETRAK, Germany, The joint venture and cooperation of the Smith Group has strengthened the Dongfeng Motor Group's competitiveness in the key powertrain and specialty vehicle markets.

What are the surprises for Dongfeng Motor Group, which has tasted the joint venture sweetener? Since June last year, there have been reports of media reports of Dongfeng Motor’s shareholding in PSA (signing the Citroen Group). However, the top executives of both parties have not confirmed the issue of shareholding negotiations. The reporter got information on the media communication meeting held by Dongfeng Company on January 20th, confirming that the two parties are negotiating on the issue of shares, and revealed that Dongfeng’s shareholding in PSA became apparent within a few months.

In the media communication meeting, Zhu Fushou even mentioned PSA's existing air hybrid technology. He said: "This technology can save 25% of fuel, this technology can be used for me, become the highlight of the development of Dongfeng support technology, partner technology in the future we may all consider it as a good resource to consider."

The integration of its sector <br> <br> Zhu Fushou introduced, Dongfeng Motor Group to determine the minimum guarantee in 2014 sales target of 3.8 million, hoping to break 4 million in 2015 and strive to reach 4.5 million. Currently, Dongfeng Motor Group has 14 subsidiaries, jointly-controlled entities and other companies with direct equity interests. Its main business covers a full range of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, parts and components, automotive equipment and automotive level businesses. Develop independently and even fight each other and kill each other.

In order to realize the sound cooperation and interaction of various business segments and re-integrate the scattered resources to maximize efficiency, Zhu Fushou stated that the group level wants to create a top-level design. The future group will form 10 to 15 vehicle units, 2 to 3 units. One component unit or 1N component unit, 2 to 3 finance companies.

"Because of the many capital relationships involved, this kind of work is difficult to complete in a short period of time." Zhu Fushou said that in the process of doing so, we must learn to survive, learn how to respond in the short term, and we must design in the long term, otherwise it will be out of order. .

In the short term, Dongfeng’s future engine will have an overall design, including the gearbox, and will be uniformly equipped to its own plate.

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