Goodyear, as the world's top three tire industry giant, joined NASA in 2009 to develop a spring tire that can be used on large moon vehicles to travel remotely on the moon. Its tire product technology content and safety This is evident from the performance. In 1994, Goodyear Tire entered the Chinese market. After nearly 20 years of development and accumulation, Goodyear China has made outstanding achievements in optimizing and improving the product structure of the Chinese market.

Following the release of 7 new products tailored for Chinese commercial vehicles in March 2013, Goodyear Card Passenger Car Tire Division launched new 295/80R22.5D200 specifications in December of the same year to further enrich its product line. The world's cutting-edge technology and localized manufacturing make the Goodyear 200 series commercial vehicle tires more closely matched with the market demand in China. The introduction of the 295/80R22.5D200 new product has made the commercial transportation on China's high-speed national roads more secure.

At present, the volume of commercial vehicles on China's high-speed national highways is mostly concentrated in the transportation industry of bulk cargo, containers, hazardous chemicals, cold chain, and fast logistics. These industries often use standard or medium-duty heavy-duty trucks, and they travel back and forth between highways and national roads, and they travel a long distance, and some even have to transport across several provinces.

This requires China's commercial vehicle tires to be safe and reliable under the conditions of different vehicle load, mixed transport roads, and varying speeds. In fact, similar problems still exist in Europe and the United States and other places, but European and American countries have used the leading scientific and technological forces to solve these problems. Then, in China's special commercial transportation environment, can the problem of tire safety be solved easily?

In fact, the KMax high-mileage technology, reinforced carcass technology, and IMPACT high-precision manufacturing technology used in the Goodyear D200 tires fully meet the needs of the Chinese commercial vehicle market for tire mileage, safety, and reliability. Commercial vehicle users have a good driving experience with high mileage performance.

KMax High Mileage Technology Makes Commercial Transportation Safer

The irregular wear of tires in the running process of commercial vehicles, the poor grip of the tires themselves, and the poor performance of tire wetlands have caused hidden dangers to the safety of commercial transportation. In order to avoid accidents caused by commercial tires caused by tires, Goodyear D200 commercial vehicle tires use a higher percentage of grounded footprints and deeper grooves, and increase the amount of tire rubber that can be worn, making the tire more wear-resistant. Strong.

At the same time, the design of the connecting ribs between the blocks on the tire surface provides the rigidity requirements of the block, effectively preventing the uneven wear of the tire caused by uneven roads. In order to ensure that the tire grip is strong enough, the D200 features a consistent, solid central block and full-depth pattern design, as well as a semi-open wide shoulder design, which also improves the wet performance of the tire.

Reinforced carcass technology to effectively extend tire mileage

There are many culprits affecting the life of tire carcasses. There are three main reasons for commercial vehicles in China. One is that tires are rusted due to water vapour infiltration, the other is that tires are accidentally damaged due to thorns, and the third is tires with low durability. Deformation.

Goodyear D200 tires utilize advanced reinforced carcass technology, through the design of new 4+3 ultra-high tension steel wire, reinforced four-layer belt application and reinforced toe structure design, and the use of thicker toe wire bundles Perfectly solves the problems such as tire rust, accidental damage, and tire deformation that affect the service life of the tire.

MPACT Precision Manufacturing Technology Improves Tire Reliability

For commercial vehicle drivers, the reliability of the tire has a great influence on the driving experience. Goodyear's innovative IMPACT high-precision manufacturing technology for the D200 tires reduces the tire's dead weight and rolling resistance, helping to improve the tire's running, handling and tread wear resistance.

Goodyear's exclusively developed D200 commercial vehicle tires tailored specifically for the Chinese market have boldly used innovative technologies to make it superior in safety, mileage, and reliability. These technologies have been dominated by foreign tire manufacturers.

With the advent of Goodyear D200 tires in China, China has also provided core technical support in the field of commercial vehicle tires. This is not only of great significance to the development of China's commercial vehicle tires, but also beneficial to the safe driving of China's high-speed national road commercial vehicles, providing commercial vehicle drivers with more reliable security. At the same time, it also makes China's commercial vehicle tire industry move toward a more technical level, more secure and reliable direction.

Goodyear, as a technology leader in the world's tire manufacturing industry, has opened a prelude to the internationalization and production localization of commercial vehicle tire technology for China's tire manufacturing industry with its deep brand connotation, product credibility and safety. The future development of the tire industry has a positive driving role and a significant contribution.

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