So far, electrical selection equipment has evolved into many types, and the classification methods are different. The following are common:
(1) Classified by mineral charging method. According to the mineral charging method, it can be divided into: 1) conductive charging sorting machine; 2) friction electric sorting machine; 3) dielectric sorting machine; 4) thermoelectric adhesion sorting machine.
(2) Classified by electric field. According to the electric field classification, it can be divided into 1) electrostatic field sorting machine; 2) corona electric field electric sorting machine; 3) composite electric field electric sorting machine. There are also high voltage DC electric fields and high voltage AC electric fields.
(3) Classification according to the characteristics of equipment structure. According to the structural characteristics of the equipment, it can be divided into 1) drum type (small diameter scale type drum) electric sorter; 2) chamber type electric sorter; 3) free fall type electric sorter; 4) slide type electric sorter; ) belt type electric separator; 6) disc type electric separator; 7) shaker type electric sorter; 8) swirl type electric sorter.
(4) Classification according to the granularity of sorting or processing. The particle size according to the sorting or processing can be divided into 1) coarse grain electric separator; 2) medium grain electric sorting machine; 3) fine grain electric sorting machine.
In practice, people generally use structural features, combined with other classifications, such as drum type high-voltage electric sorter, cyclone fine-grain electric sorter, free fall type electric sorter, etc. In order to distinguish it from other electric sorters.
The electric sorting machines widely used at home and abroad are mainly drum type electric sorters, followed by free fall type and screen type. Other types are not very common. For this reason, this chapter focuses on introducing and explaining this type.

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