Located in Luohan Street, Longma Lake District, Luzhou City, the Yangtze River Hydraulics Co., Ltd. has 9 utility model patents and is "the backbone enterprise of the state-owned hi-tech hydraulics high-tech industrialization base in Ganzhou City." It has also recently won the "National High-tech Enterprise". title. As a high-tech enterprise, the dividends brought about by innovation: The products are sold well all over the country and are exported to many countries and regions.

Refocusing on single source procurement targets

"More than 90% of the company's products are ultra-wide, oversized, and scaled. This kind of non-standardized production can better meet the special needs of customers." The company's general manager and technical director and senior engineer Ye Bangzheng introduced that the company was established in 2000. The products are used in non-excavation construction of tunnel projects, including single-stage cylinders , multi-stage cylinders , double-stage thrust cylinders, and other series, and are used for supporting hydraulic systems such as municipal top-pipes, municipal shields, and marine engineering. The company also cooperated with more than 50 enterprises and technological colleges such as Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongguan Ship Design Institute, China Railway 16th Bureau and Sichuan University to jointly develop products.

“In recent years, our products have been recognized by the majority of users, and are at the forefront of the industry in the country. Our goal is to increase the tonnage in the non-standard areas, to do even better, to achieve better benefits, to achieve higher technology, and to achieve 'singleness'. Source procurement' goals." Ye Bangzheng said.

Winning annual sales income of tens of millions

“According to common sense, the top device of the piston rod must have a center, but we changed the conventional universal design concept and adopted a floating roof block to automatically adjust the alignment center, which overcomes the problems of the traditional ball head top block being easily damaged, the center being difficult to align, and the processing being difficult. Such problems as making the process simpler, using more accurate, and lower cost, obtained the national utility model patent.” Ye Bangzheng said that the patent is already the company's 9th patent.

“In the past, our awareness of patent protection was not strong. Many practical technologies were not declared, and the production technology was in danger of being stolen.” Ye Bangzheng said that under the guidance of the government, the company has strengthened technical protection and summarized production technologies. And apply for patents to ensure the company's stable and long-term development. Even under the pressure of the current macroeconomic downturn, the company can still realize tens of millions of sales revenue each year. In the first quarter of this year, the company expects to realize sales revenue of more than 3 million yuan.

Luggage & Carton Wrapping Machine

Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd(Company NEEQ STOCK CODE:836635)

1. With the LLDPE stretching film as the packing materials, luggage wrapping machine is professional in the packing and wrapping of luggage in the airport

2. The packing cost will be reduced, more convenient storage and transportation will be achieved and an easier recycle of the packing materials will be conducted with the application of the LP series luggage wrapping machines, thus ensuring a less polluted environment. This is currently one of the popular environmental-friendly packing methods.

3. LP Luggage wrapper is designed to stretch wrap luggage and related items for security purposes in an airport setting. Film provides extra support while the luggage is being transport to protect them become damaged. And the plastic and closing label cannot be removed and replaced by a thief . Additionally , wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified.
The machine is a movable and manually operated rotary turntable device use stretch film to wrap the luggage .The operator placed the luggage on the platform and adjusts vertical rods to secure bag according the luggage's size .Then begin the wrap process, the operator press start button on control panel pack the luggage by a 3 to 5 layers of stretch film. The operator cuts film tail and removed from the turntable. The machine is ready to accommodate the next piece of luggage.

4. Besides the basic stock packager, it. has produced various stretch wrapping machines in such types as cylinder paper/shade cloth, cable, plane and cylinder radial. We also produce other packagers for brown paper, EPE, the ordinary PE film, etc. Please contact the marketing department of our company for details.




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