There is a problem with smoking in the vacuum suction truck, and the status of the problem is also very variable. However, when some novice drivers encounter such emergencies, most of them are panic-stricken, fearing that there will be something extremely annoying. When we encounter such a situation, we do not need to be too panicky. We can use different colors of smoke to judge the degree of failure. If it is the case of black smoke, it is more common in carburetor vacuum suction vehicles. Because the fuel consumption of those models with carburetor is not controlled by the use of on-board computers, they all use the accelerator pedal to control. In the process of driving, if too much fuel enters the cylinder, it will be excluded if it is not burned, and this will form the black smoke that we often see. If blue smoke is emitted, then it may be because the cylinder pad of the engine cylinder of the vacuum suction truck has worn out. Then there will be a corresponding gap, resulting in the water of the heat-conducting heat-dissipating system of the vacuum sewer truck entering the combustion chamber. Water cannot be burned. After it is exposed to temperature, water vapor is generated and discharged directly from the exhaust pipe. At this point, the explosive power of the vacuum sewer car will be reduced, noise, and acceleration will become powerless, the exhaust pipe will emit blue smoke, and is accompanied by a burning smell.

When the age of the vacuum suction truck is relatively old, it is necessary to constantly check the components of the piston and the cylinder, etc., in order to check whether the seal is intact or not. When there is a blue smoke, it is necessary to immediately Go to a professional repair shop to perform related checks. When blue smoke is emitted, most of them are caused by various internal failures of the engine, causing the oil to enter the combustion chamber and form blue smoke. The more common conditions are these: the vacuum sealer piston seal is not good, the cylinder wall scratches, the valve appears more serious wear will cause a gap, and it was originally attached to the lubrication of the engine oil at this time After passing through these gaps, the combustor will be used to cause combustion, and those oils that do not come out will be discharged to the vacuum suction truck . This will cause blue smoke.

Aluminum Plate Separator plate separator Inclined Plate Separator Aluminum Composite Panel Production.

The heating steam let the aluminum plate one side end opening,then
with the pressure rollers stripping aluminum skin.

aluminium composite panel  separator

The heating steam let the aluminum plate one side end opening,

then with the pressure rollers stripping aluminum skin.



2).Opening machine,1set,1.5KW,Measurement:L1050*W500*H1000(MM),Weight:120kgs.

3).Steam boiler,1set,12KW,Measurement:L700*W520*H1550(MM),Weight:160kgs.

Picking:In 3 plywood cases,1.8CBM,680KGS.

Capacity:3000kgs aluminum plate separating,8 hours working time.

Foot switch operation is adopted to guarantee the safe operation of operator.

aluminium decorative wall panel separator
aluminum sheets for trailers

Aluminium Composite Panel Separator

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