In mid-June, many cities have entered the rainy season. The humidity in the rainy season is very large. The moisture in the air is also very full. Wet wets everywhere. Even the walls of the home are sweating. The steering wheel and seats It's very confusing to think that it's all wet, can there be a good way to solve these annoyances? How can the car be protected against moisture in this season?

Humidity in the air increases, and some circuits in the car will cause the circuit to age due to watering. Many metal parts are also prone to moisture corrosion in this weather. This is true for automobiles with a higher degree of automation, especially those equipped with an EFI engine. For cars, there are many hidden dangers in driving safety. Here, Xiaobian reminds all riders to protect their cars from moisture.

To ensure the air circulation in the vehicle, proper air-conditioning can be used, and air-conditioning can be turned on when driving. You can put a little desiccant on the car when not in use. If the weather is fine, you can open the window and allow the air in the car to convect.

When the car is in the sun, it can quickly clear away the internal moisture. When you are free, you can give your car a lot of sun exposure. Car interiors, cushions, and other interiors can easily absorb moisture, and then mold and grow bacteria. Therefore, it is best for the owner to also regularly dry these items.

After the paint on the bottom and outside of the vehicle comes off, it is easy to rust in wet air. Therefore, we must regularly check and repair the rust-proof coating on the chassis of the vehicle to repair the peeled paint in time.

As the saying goes, “The bad car is the first to rot.” The chassis of the car does not see sunlight all the year round. The “pervasive” moisture will permeate into the car body in the small hole of the chassis, causing the car body to rust and peel off. Plastic or armor treatment of the chassis gives it good protection. Auto maintenance online experts remind you to buy a new car, it is best to do rust-proof treatment of cars, not only to prevent sand and stone impact, as well as acid rain, anti-corrosion and other advantages.

Clean the drainage holes at the bottom of the body: After the car passes through the muddy road surface, sludge is likely to accumulate in the voids on the lower side of the vehicle. Always check and clean the door and the bottom of the vehicle, especially to clean the underside of the vehicle to eliminate moisture. Several desiccant or dehumidifying boxes can be prepared in places such as compartments or in back-up compartments where moisture can easily accumulate. Attention should be paid to regular inspection and replacement.

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