According to China Voice's "News Night" report, the media reported that more than 40 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled due to the safety hazards of Takada airbags, and this number is still expanding. These cars can be circled around the equator for four and a half times. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, GM, BMW [microblogging] and other internationally renowned companies have been "lying guns". The largest number of recalls is Honda, accounting for about half of the recall. Why? Are so many cars using Takada airbags? What common sense do you need to know about airbag owners?
Since 2008, the Takada airbag problem has gradually been revealed, but even if the number of car recalls using their airbags continues to expand, Takada has turned a deaf ear to it, saying it is “the automaker’s own move”. In February of this year, Takada, who did not cooperate with the investigation work of the US regulatory authorities, was fined a daily amount of 14,000 US dollars. Last month, Takada and the US security regulator agreed to further recall millions of vehicles equipped with Takada's defective airbags.
US Department of Transportation (DOT) Minister: Today I announced that Takada Airbags has admitted that their airbags are defective. All these airbags will be recalled. The recall is nationwide. Let me repeat it. Takada has already admitted that their airbags are defective. .
It is understood that the problematic airbag may rupture and shoot metal sheets. Up to now, there have been six fatal accidents and 100 injuries, which are considered to be related to the hidden dangers of Takada airbags. Some of them are directly smashed by the ejected metal piece and die. In the United States, a Honda car owner with a problem airbag said:
Victim owner: When the airbag was opened, metal fragments shot through the airbag and shot into my right eye and face. My right eye was not visible at the time. I felt the blood rushing out and flowing down my neck. I was terrified at the time.
According to media statistics, the car company with the highest proportion of Takata airbag door recalls is Japanese, about 78%, followed by American car companies accounting for about 17%, and the least proportion of German car companies is about 5%. In the US car, the Fiat Chrysler Group recalled 5.22 million vehicles in the world because of this hidden danger; Ford Motor [microblogging] recalled more than 1.5 million vehicles, and GM's recall has exceeded 400,000. In the German car, the BMW "lying gun" was the most serious, and the number of recalls reached 2.03 million.
The recall of Takada airbags has also spread to China. Only this year, Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Nissan China, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Motor and FAW Toyota have already recorded more than 1.15 million vehicles in the AQSIQ, and last December. Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda have filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ and recalled nearly 570,000 vehicles. For the problem of airbags, Li Yang, a senior commentator in the automotive industry, reminded the owners not to panic or open the airbag system for inspection.
Li Yang: Airbags and side airbags are strictly forbidden to be dismantled by the owner himself, because it may explode on its own during the disassembly process, and it may directly kill people in extreme situations. Only through the equipment of the repair station, check whether the product of the batch is recalled. Don't be scared by this. The extreme events are very terrifying. The airbag is plunging out and bursting out. This is a very small probability event. You don't hit it, don't fall with the car, the airbag you want it to come out. so easy.
In addition, what other matters concerning airbags need to be paid attention to when maintaining and buying a car?
Auto industry commentator Huo Yujia: In daily maintenance, it is necessary to check whether it is on standby by telephone line. If you buy a used car consumer, when buying a car, be sure to check if its airbag is in preparation. Because some accident vehicles, after the repair, its airbags may be removed directly, the airbag computer is also removed, the fault is shielded, this car is actually equal to no airbag, this is not seen for consumers of.

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