On July 22, 2011, Bosch announced that its Photovoltaics Center, which cost US$530 million, was opened in Arnstadt, Germany. The center integrates solar energy business headquarters, research and development centers, photovoltaic cells and module production and training centers.

It is reported that after a period of more than two years of construction, the production plant and related construction area will cover a total area of ​​382,000 square meters. Bosch expects that the center will provide about 1,000 new jobs by 2012. In this year alone, 600 of them will be on-line. The new R&D center will employ 120 assistants who are mainly responsible for developing new products and preparing for serial production. In addition, a training center that can train 150 new people will also be put into operation on September 1 this year.

The Arnstadt Research Center and factory is one of the three major investments in the photovoltaics sector of the Bosch Group. The company is building another component production plant in Vénissieux, France, and plans to start production in early 2012. By the end of the year, the company will also be based in Penang, Malaysia. Batu Kawan, Penang State, builds a vertically integrated photovoltaic production facility and is expected to cost 520 million euros.

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What products does the wine label apply to:

Wine labels are of course used for alcohol labels. Most of the labels of red wine products are paper labels, printed on the content and instructions, etc., and then affixed to the wine bottle to be sold. Things like labels are generally It is four-color printing, unless some large companies need to strictly control the color difference, they will use spot color printing.

Material of wine label:

In this regard, the commonly used wine label material is 157 grams of copperplate paper four-color printing. Of course, if the customer has the material they want, it is also possible. Everything is based on the customer's needs.

Wine Label

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