ABB, the world's leading power and automation technology group, recently signed a contract with TenneT, which is responsible for transmission line operations from the Netherlands to Germany. It is responsible for the construction of a transmission line connecting the North Sea offshore wind farm and the German inland power grid, which will be the world’s largest offshore High-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission lines. The total value of the contract is about USD 1 billion, which is the largest order for transmission projects obtained in ABB's history.

The entire transmission line power exceeds 900 megawatts, and the power loss at each converter station will be reduced to less than 1%. After the line is completed, it can supply clean wind power to more than 1.5 million homes.

ABB will be responsible for the design, production, supply and installation of offshore platforms, offshore and on-land converter stations, and land and submarine cable systems. ABB's innovative and environmentally friendly HVDC Light transmission technology transfers offshore wind power from 400 megawatts of Gode Wind II wind farms and several other wind farms to an offshore HVDC converter station. The converter station transports electricity through 135 km of underwater and underground cables to D? Rpen HVDC converter station, then incorporated into the German land network.

Liao Yipu, head of ABB Group's power system business department, said: "Offshore wind power is increasingly becoming a major large-scale renewable energy source in Europe, helping Europe achieve its emission reduction targets and reduce its impact on the environment. ABB has a unique advantage in this field. It is able to produce key components of HVDC systems such as converter stations, cables and semiconductors. ABB has made significant investments in these technologies."

ABB's HVDC Light transmission technology has many environmental advantages, such as electromagnetic fields in applications and compact converter stations. HVDC Light is the ideal solution for connecting remote offshore wind farms and inland power grids, overcoming the limitations of conventional transmission distances and grids, while minimizing power losses and achieving efficient transmission. The entire project has a cable load of 320 kV, which is the highest voltage rating for the use of extruded cables in HVDC lines.

The line is expected to be operational in 2015. By replacing traditional fossil energy, the project will help Europe reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3 million tons per year. At present, the installed capacity of wind power in Germany is 27 billion watts, which can meet about 8% of the national electricity demand. Germany plans to double the installed capacity of wind power by 2020. This is ABB's third order for a wind power transmission project in Germany. In 2010, ABB obtained the 800 MW Dolwin1 wind farm transmission project and earlier won the order for transmission of BorWin1 wind farm.

ABB can provide a wide range of products, systems and services to ensure efficient clean energy generation and grid connection, and to achieve reliable power transmission and distribution.

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