Going to the bank to handle business requires a long queue, which is a waste of time and a test of the human body and spirit. The emergence of bank self-service queuing machines makes the queuing change convenient and fast, which is the embodiment of the bank's quality service.
Bank self-service queue to improve bank service quality
How convenient is the bank self-service queue? I believe that everyone has gone to the bank to handle the business, but also used the queue machine, but you may not fully understand the bank self-service queue , the following small series will explain for you. The bank queue machine can be divided into a queuing system, a numbering system, a calling system, and an evaluation system. The most important thing we may pay attention to is the queuing system. You only need to tap the service you want to handle on the queuing machine, and a ticket number will be printed out. Just wait for the call sign. The self-service queue machine prints the ticket number, which is the ticket collection system at work, and then calls the customer number after the number is called, and completes the business evaluation system to let the customer evaluate the quality of the customer service so that the bank can improve.
This advanced bank self-service queuing machine is developed from the perspective of the customer, allowing customers to experience the humanized service, and at the same time improve the service quality of the bank and give back to the customers with quality service.

We supply many types of brass check valve and Brass Strainer , such as brass swing check valve, brass spring check valve, brass strainer , Brass Flanged Strainer. Commonly, we make NPT thread for America customers, make BSP or BSPT thread for Europe and Asia customers. Our products is produced by CNC machine. Size 1/4'' to 2'', all bodied and caps are produced by forge technics.

 Size 21/2'' to 4'', they are made by casting technics. 

Working pressure: 16Bar-25Bar( 150#WSP, 600WOG). 

Material: C37700, MS58(CuZn40Pb2), CuZn39Pb3, CW602N. 

Product surface can select plated nickel or natural color.

Brass Check Valves and Strainers

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