Refers to the phosphate rock phosphate mineral apatite, phosphorite a class, it is a polar mineral salts in floatability classification. It is the main raw material for chemical fertilizers.
Floatability of phosphorus minerals
Apatite [Ca 3 (PO 4 ) 3 (F, Cl, OH)] contains 42.06% of P 2 O 3 and is an easy-float mineral. The collector is made of oleic acid and water glass for the inhibitor. Can get better indicators.
Phosphorus salt [Ca 19 F 2 (PO 4 ) 6 ], also easy to float minerals, collectors in addition to oleic acid, commonly used crude sulfate soap, inhibitor water glass, sodium carbonate as a regulator, flotation is most suitable The pulp pH is 9-10.
Flotation method
The main problem of phosphate ore flotation is the separation of phosphorus-containing minerals from calcium-containing carbonates such as calcite , dolomite, and the like. Because of the similar flotation of commonly used collectors, their floatability is similar, and there are three ways to separate carbonate-like gangue minerals:
(1) The use of water glass and starch to inhibit gangue minerals such as carbonates, and the use of fatty acids as collectors to float phosphorus minerals.
(2) Sodium hexametaphosphate is used to inhibit phosphorus minerals, and carbonate gangue minerals are first floated with fatty acids, and then phosphorus minerals are floated.
(3) Using a selective hydrocarbyl sulfate as a collector, first float out the carbonate mineral, and then use oleic acid to float the phosphorus mineral.

Electroplated Diamond Flat Lap Disk

Hans Flexible Diamond Discs/Flat Lap Grinders are suitable for wet or dry grinding and polishing a large variety of hard materials including granite,marble,terrazzo,natural stone,engineered stone,glass,ceramics,lapidary and hard metals.All flexible diamond discs, with various fittings for hand and stationary machines,are colour coded for easy grade identification with the most popular sizes and types available from stock.Diamond has developed an excellent specification for the porcelain industry which meets the very high quality requirements for smooth bases on plates, cups, saucers and other tableware in a variety of applications, both on machines such as Lippert, and for manual operations.
1.QRS backed diamond discs and diamond flap discs will offer you the best price / performance ratio. High stock removal, equal finish and a long life. Ideal tools for stone, glass, ceramic, porcelain etc.
2.Diamond Pads for Orbital Sanders:Triangle and square shaped sheets with airholes to be used on orbital sanders. The diamond sheets will combine high material removal with a smooth finish. Can be used on almost all hard materials and even on hard wood.
3.Diamond Discs for Angle Grinders: Wet grinding and polishing discs for manual angle grinders
4.Large Diamond Discs for Glass:Large discs for flat lapping operations available in metal and resin bonded types.
5.Wet grinding and polishing discs for manual angle grinder:The perfect choice of discs for every glass worker.
6.Diamond Flap Discs for grinding stone with manual angle grinders:Unique flap disc with diamond flaps for very high stock removal but yet with a smooth finish.
7.Dry grinding and polishing discs for manual angle grinders:Different types of diamond grinding and polishing discs to work on various types of stone.
8.Dry cutting / grinding diamond discs for manual angle grinders:Very aggressive, fast grinding and cutting discs. Can be used on various stone types.
9.Sheets, discs and triangles:Orbital sanders with flexible diamond tooling are ideal for paint removal or pre paint operations.
Hans 6" and 8" Diamond Disc and Laps is the perfect tool for the commercial cutter or serious hobbyist. Diamond top plates just 1.0mm thickness is easy to apply to backing plates. All diamond top plates can come with PSA, Magnetic and Without Backing. Diamond discs are available in a wide range of mesh sizes for rough grinding and fine grinding of all precious gem material applications include performing rough and fine grinding on faceting material plus general lapidary grinding when precision is required. A controlled concentration of diamond bonded onto a precision backing plate ensures consistent grinding and surface finishes. Diamond discs can put on a precision ground.
10 inch to 24 inch Diamond Magnetic Disk was a very rough diamond used for heavy removal of glass from surfaces. It will create significant edge chipping that will need to be cleaned up with a rough to medium grit diamond disk. Disks are magnet backed for easy application and removal on lap grinder wheel heads.
Hans Diamond Pattern Disks are an electroplated diamond disk with a controlled dispersion of diamonds on the surface in a pattern. In order to maintain the longevity of the diamond disk, the StarLap disks precisely place the diamonds on the disk instead of using a random dispersion like our own electroplated diamond disks. This gives a consistent grind on your glass by controlling the spacig between the diamonds and allows a slightly longer lifespan on the disk as the diamonds maintain more space between them and support the glass less.

Diamond Standard Faceting Laps
The standard is designed to exceed the most rigid requirements. The aluminum backs are ground flat and parallel to exacting standards. All standard discs are made with 100% diamond and bonded with a hard electroplated nickel. Comes with 1/2" arbor. Screwbacked discs also available.
Diamond Channel Faceting Laps
These discs have a uniquely shaped working surface of randomly interspersed islands. The resulting channels flush away debris and prevent the stone from pulling excessively on the lap. These are great for rough cutting facets and grinding cabochon backs.
Diamond Rippled Faceting Laps
The rippled diamond laps have a textured surface that allows more contact of the diamond surface because the debris is whisked away through the channels. Each rippled diamond top plate is professionally bound to an aluminum master lap.

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