Many sellers will open refrigerated trucks , and the price of a refrigerated truck is not low, but some sellers do not know how to maintain, and often the car is easily damaged. If it is properly and properly maintained, then you can drive more efficiently and do more to get things done.

How do you maintain a refrigerated truck ? Next I teach you a few tricks:

First, before shipment of goods, you must pre-cool the goods and cars in advance! The refrigerating unit will keep the temperature of the cargo after loading. If the goods with high temperature are placed in the compartment directly under high temperature in the compartment, the temperature in the compartment will be reduced to the preset temperature. Therefore, be sure to precool the cargo and the carriage before shipping the goods.


Second, loading and unloading goods must be rapid. After the door of the refrigerated truck compartment is opened, the external airflow will flow into the passenger compartment, which will cause the temperature in the compartment to rise rapidly, affect the quality of the cargo, increase the operating load of the refrigeration unit and increase the fuel consumption; therefore, the loading and unloading of goods must be rapid, and At the same time, the refrigeration unit should be stopped for operation.

Third, pay attention to keeping the air circulation in the compartment smooth during loading. In order to maintain the equilibrium temperature in the compartment, sufficient attention must be paid to the location of the cargo. The cargo cannot be piled up to the top of the compartment, nor can the cargo block the air-conditioning outlets and entrances, otherwise the cargo in the middle of the compartment will not flow due to the air. It is prone to deterioration and rot.


Fourth, be especially careful when shipping green vegetables, fruits and seafood. If the cold air circulation in the compartment is not good, the temperature in the center of the cargo will rise, and the quality of green vegetables, fruits, seafood and other items will easily be impaired. Therefore, special attention must be paid to making the cold air circulation fluent and balanced. In addition, items near the cold air exit are prone to frostbite due to cold air, so the goods must be covered with cling film, sheets, etc. in advance.

Fifth, we must always keep the compartment clean. If the salt, fat and other chemical substances in the cargo are attached to the inner wall or the door seam, it will not only be unhygienic, but it will also corrode the car body and shorten the service life of the carriage. Therefore, it is important to keep the interior of the carriage clean.

Sixth, insist on proper maintenance and maintenance of accessories. For vehicle refrigeration systems, proper maintenance and care should be given in accordance with the instructions. Do not disassemble, collide.


The above is only the general maintenance of a refrigerated truck. In fact, the most critical thing is the maintenance of the refrigeration unit of the car. It is the "heart" of a refrigerated truck. If it stops operating, the car will lose its true significance. The inspection of the refrigeration unit can be divided into the following steps:

1, check the whole circuit, test the performance of electrical components, check the operation of the fan, if necessary, remove the fan, maintenance and replacement of carbon brushes.

2. Check the refrigerant system and refrigeration system operation of the refrigeration system to see if there are any traces of leakage and check if necessary.

3. In the power section, replace the engine's three filters (or four filters), replace the engine's oil, and check the engine coolant.

4. The transmission section checks the tightness of the belt and the damage of the belt, and replaces the belt if necessary.

5, check the condenser heat dissipation, if necessary, clean the condenser.

In fact, if some small problems are discovered in time, they can be eliminated early. If you leave it alone, let it go by itself, it will be too late to make up for it.

Many refrigerated truck owners have never had the concept of maintenance. They just use it blindly. In their eyes, maintenance costs money, so they save the money with a fluke, but they do not know that this mentality is wasting. Money, in exchange for a huge maintenance cost, is actually worth the candle.

To prevent problems, it is recommended that the majority of refrigerated truck owners do the relevant maintenance work, make their health healthy and healthy, and start from the road to stabilize.

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